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We hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy. At CASA Lake County we are fortunate to share some heartwarming stories of our volunteers supporting their CASA children during this time. KUDOS to these superstar volunteers!
Kudos to CASA Robyn who has been an enduring source of support for both of her CASA children. She has embraced creativity in her advocacy during the pandemic, writing letters to the children and sending them activity books, mazes, and coloring sheets. The scavenger hunt that Robyn made for the children during a virtual visit put smiles on the faces of the children and gave Robyn a window into their lives.
Kudos to CASA Ryan for his sensitivity to one of his CASA teens who is dealing with the challenge of coming out. Ryan has been a great listener, and he has been able to empathize with and support his teen. He has also been in communication with the foster mother to ensure that the teen’s home is supportive. This is a stressful situation for any child, and Ryan has been dedicated to easing that stress as much as possible.
Kudos to CASA David for his unwavering commitment to his CASA child. David has been on his case for several months and has worked tirelessly to make a connection with his 11 year old CASA boy. David persistently devises new ideas to connect with the child. 
He recently discovered that both he and his CASA child love sports, and they began playing sports trivia games together to develop their comfort level with one another. David has been a strong educational advocate and has developed a good relationship with the foster parents to support the boy's educational needs.
Kudos to Casa Nancy for her tireless advocacy for her CASA child. Nancy has a difficult case with a 10 year old boy who has many medical, educational, and behavior challenges. Her CASA child has been in numerous placements and recently suffered two placement disruptions during the Stay At Home order. Nancy was available at a moment’s notice to support the new foster homes with medical and educational information to support the child's needs. Nancy has also been creative in her communications with her child, speaking to him on the phone frequently and doing socially distanced visits to check on his well-being. Nancy is always there for her CASA child and to support his caregivers.
CONGRATULATIONS to Our Newest CASA Volunteers!
Congratulations to our newest volunteers who completed their training right before the stay-at-home order began. A pandemic couldn't stop them, as they were joined by Judge Christopher Morozin for a swearing-in video conference on May 11th. 
Despite the difficult circumstances, these volunteers have jumped into their new cases to help support their newly-assigned CASA children.
CASA Thanks Our 2020 Mission Partners
Mission Statement

CASA Lake County is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the juvenile court system. Based on the belief that every child is entitled to a safe and permanent home, thoroughly trained CASA volunteers work in collaboration with key agencies, legal counsel and community resources to serve as the child's advocate and represent the child's best interest in juvenile court.
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