March 2019
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March 2019
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Help Wanted

Volunteering can be incredibly satisfying. Knowing that you've been a valuable part of a worthy cause is wonderful. Especially when that cause integrates your passions.

If you love dressage, or even if you just have a passion for horses, we have opportunities for you to become an integral part of Dressage at Devon. Meet old friends, make new friends and help to sustain one of the world's most prestigious horse shows.
We are looking for:

DAD Board of Directors Secretary
The ideal Board Secretary will bring some experience as a Board Secretary at either a for-profit or non-profit organization. This person will attend three meetings a month. The Operations Management Team meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month (sometimes via phone); the Board of Directors meets the 3rd Tuesday (sometimes via phone) and the General Committee meets the 4th Monday.
It is not necessary for one person to cover all three meetings each month. This can be discussed. Contact Robbie Kankus at

Hospitality Chair (co-chair)
This position requires a broad skill set and, hopefully, a working knowledge of the food industry and/or catering. Before the show, the chairs are responsible for developing the menus for parties, the volunteer room and the VIP room, and finding appropriate caterers. Research to find the best prices is always appreciated! At the show, chairs are responsible for food displays (in areas where the caterers are not involved), and refilling as needed. You will be working with a co-chair who has been in this position for five years.
Smiles are required :)

Marketing and PR VP
If you have experience in marketing or pr, this might be the perfect position for you. DAD currently has companies that handle social media and public relations. The VP is responsible for managing and coordinating these efforts as well as directing advertising efforts, and creating other promotional material. (note: this can be based on previous material). Contact Lori Kaminski at

Volunteer Room Coordinator
The volunteer room is a great place to take a break and grab something to eat. DAD has always provided lunches and dinners - for free - to all volunteers. The volunteer room coordinator is in charge of planning the menus, getting the food and setting it up each day. It's a big job but you can request volunteers to help you out and the volunteer who has done a wonderful job for years, will be there to answer your questions.

Volunteer Coordinator
We have hundreds of volunteers who return year after year to enjoy the show. We often receive comments from spectators and competitors about how helpful and knowledgeable they are. Many more fill out the volunteer forms on our website each week. You will have a list of volunteer positions needed, so organizational skills are a real plus.
The Volunteer Coordinator will recruit, train, schedule and manage volunteers for the horse show side onsite during the show period. This needs a team leader but could have several other people involved reporting to that person. There are currently several people who have expressed an interest.

Just have a day or two to spare? Even a couple of hours during the show are helpful. From scribes to working in the information booth, ticket office, gift shop and more, there's always a place for a dressage fan. To see all positions and descriptions, please visit Contact Robbie Kankus at

All volunteers get a free 6-day pass so enjoy the show - from behind the scenes.

Lori Kaminski
President & CEO, Dressage at Devon
For Sponsorship information, please drop an email to  to receive the new brochure and to learn more about how you can partner with DAD to grow your business while supporting our wonderful historic event.

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September 24-29, 2019