December 2016 Newsletter
Greetings VFCDA Member! Welcome to your December 2016 Newsletter!
Upcoming 2016 & 2017 VFCDA Events:
To Place An Implant or Save the Tooth? w/ Dr. Jeff Sevor
Tuesday, December 6th - 2016

About Dr. Sevor: Dr. Sevor has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally on periodontics and dental implants. He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals on periodontics, implants, and research.

HIPAA/OSHA Regulations - w/ Linda Harvey
Tuesday, January 3rd - 2017

About Linda Harvey:  As president and founder of The Linda Harvey Group, Linda M. Harvey, RDH, MS, LHRM, DFASHRM leverages her unique credentials and expertise to help you and your staff significantly reduce risk and legal liability in your practice.  

Achieving Financial Independence - w/ John K. McGill
Friday, February 10th - 2017

About John K. McGill:  John is a nationally prominent tax attorney and CPA who has specialized in dealing exclusively with the dental profession for more than 30 years. He is President of John K. McGill & Company, Inc.

Practice Transitions & How They Happen - w/ Dr. Paul Rang DMD, JD & Mr. Skip Stamper
Tuesday, March 7th - 2017

About Dr. Paul Rang:  Paul represents ADS Florida for Central and North Florida. Paul received his dental and law degrees from the University of Florida. He practiced dentistry in Orlando for 12 years.  

Dental Accounting - w/ Mr. Dennis Raposa
Tuesday, April 7th - 2017

About Dennis Raposa: Co-founder of a peer reviewed CPA firm, Raposa, Perry, Young, LLC.
Specialties:  Financial Statement Auditing, Internal Auditing Litigation Support

VFCDA Installation Banquet 
Thursday, May 4th - 2017

Annual Volusia Flagler County Dental Association Installation Banquet.

2016 - 2017 Member Dues Payment!
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New Meeting Location!
Please take note - the location/venue for our meetings has changed.
We will now be meeting at:

LPGA International Clubhouse Banquet Rooms
1000 Champions Dr.
Daytona Beach, FL 32124

Executive Board Meeting Minutes: Nov 1st, 2016

The Volusia-Flagler County Dental Association Executive Committee convened at 5:53pm

Members present:  Dr. Sandeep Patel (President), Dr. Athas Kometas (Vice-President), Dr. Rod MacIntyre (Secretary), Dr. Roger Thayer (Treasurer), Dr. Bryan Bergens (CFDDA President-Elect), Dr. Scott Lawson (VFCDA Immediate Past President), Dr. Dusanka Angelov (Delegate – FDA House), Dr. Howard Pranikoff (Trustee to the FDA)

Points of Discussion:

1. Review Minutes:  Meeting minutes from October 4, 2016 reviewed and approved. No old business discussed.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Dr. Thayer’s presented the treasurers report: PNC Checking-$27,852.54; PNC Money Market- $51,089.93

3. Dues Update:  Dr. Thayer tabulated 43 paid members. We need to work harder on getting our previous and new dentists signed up and paid.

4. Web Update – Website updates will be completed by end of November, 2016.  Waiting on more member sign-ups to update Member Dentist section.

5. Speakers Update – Dr. Patel wants to make sure Dr. McGill is confirmed for the all-day seminar on February 10, 2017.  Dr. MacIntyre mentioned that Dr. Larkin is responsible for confirmation and housing for Dr. McGill. Once confirmed, Dr. Patel will create a flyer with our web master.

6. Sponsorship Updates:  Current Sponsors: PNC = $5,000.00. Hiossen is a Silver Sponsor this year ($1,500.00).

7. Member Benefit:  Marketing the association “is your dentist a member?” All current tripartite members (ADA-FDA-CFDDA) receive a quarterly CFDDA newsletter magazine.  There is an affiliate corner in this newsletter that is updated through the affiliates.  We need to ensure that our all-day seminar is listed in the next CFDDA newsletter and on their website.

8. USA Veteran Smiles – Organize in our area? Free dental day for veterans.  October 28, 2016 in Tampa.  Will need to contact  P.O.C. in West Coast Dental Association to obtain information on event.

9. Access to Care survey – Dr. David Lloyd is P.O.C. The board has yet to hear from Dr. Lloyd concerning this survey.  

10. Classified Ads:  Placing classified ads on the association website is a member benefit.

Dr. Patel motioned to close the meeting at 6:20pm.  Dr. MacIntyre seconded the motion.

Volusia-Flagler County Dental Association Officers:
President:  Dr. Sandeep Patel
Vice President:  Dr. Athas Kometas
Secretary:  Dr. Roderick MacIntyre
Treasurer:  Dr. Roger Thayer
Immediate Past President:  Dr. Scott Lawson

Dr. Roderick MacIntyre
Dr. Sandeep Patel
Dr. Dusanka Angelov

Alternate Delegates:
Dr. Bryan Bergens
Dr. Gregory Johnston
Dr. Roger Thayer

Affiliate Representative to CFDDA:
Dr. Gregory Johnston

Central Florida District Dental Association Officers (2016-17):
President: Dr. Lee Anne Keough           
President Elect: Dr. Bryan Bergens
Trustee to the FDA: Dr. Howard Pranikoff
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