September 2016 Newsletter
Greetings VFCDA Member! Welcome to your September 2016 Newsletter!
Upcoming VFCDA Events:
Annual Kick-Off Meeting - 9/6/16
'Intellectual Property, Impressions, Cosmetic Planning and Restoration'

Dr. Athas Kometas will be presenting Tuesday, September 6th, 2016. 6:00pm Social Hour 7:00pm Dinner/Meeting LPGA International Clubhouse.

Fluoride  & It's Role in Prevention & Restoration - 10/4/16
'Fluoride and Its Role in Prevention and Restoration' Sponsored by VOCO

Dr. William Paveletz will be presenting Tuesday, October 4th, 2016. 6:00pm  Social Hour 7:00pm Dinner/Meeting LPGA International Clubhouse. 

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New Meeting Location
LPGA Internation Clubhouse Banquet Rooms
Please take note - the location/venue for our meetings has changed. We will now be meeting at:

1000 Champions Dr.
Daytona Beach, FL 32124

New Memberships

In order to promote new membership all prospective new members will be FREE of charge for the first meeting. We encourage you to spread the word!

(Please RSVP prospective new members)

Executive Board Meeting Minutes: July 21st, 2016
The Volusia-Flagler Dental Association Executive Committee convened at 6:45 PM.

Members Present: Dr. Sandeep Patel (President), Dr. Athas Kometas (Vice President), Dr. Roderick MacIntyre (Secretary), Dr. Roger Thayer (Treasurer)

Points of Discussion:

1. Each officer passed down all pertinent position related duties and materials to their successor.

2. Sponsorship updates/possibilities: 

Current Sponsors: PNC, Dental Fix Rx
Potential Sponsor Updates: Hiossen, Harmony Dental
Potential Sponsors:  FDAS (P.O.C. Dennis Head), Patterson, Henry Schein, etc.
Clarification:  Monthly meeting sponsorship = $300.00 per meeting

3. Newsletter:  Our association website webmaster, Brian Brown is capable of producing our monthly digital newsletter at $25.00 per hour (average 2-3 hours labor per letter).  The first letter will be free of charge.  Also, Brian will be upgrading to Constant Contact email service which will make it easier to submit reservations for meetings etc. The monthly cost for Constant contact is $20.00.

4. Treasurer’s Report:  Ending Balance Checking Account as of 6/30/2016 = $20,559.46.

Ending Balance Money Market Account as of 6/30/2016 = $51,074.52

5. Review Meeting Dates:  Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6, Jan. 3, Feb. 10th (All Day McGill Seminar), Mar. 7, April 4, May 2.  Dr. Kometas is working to schedule monthly meeting speakers. All meetings will be held at LPGA International Clubhouse (Banquet Facilities).

6. Review RSVP system for monthly meetings: This will be handled by Dr. MacIntyre through Constant Contact.

7. Review Membership:  All current members are responsible for contacting and connecting with past and potential members to increase our membership this year!  The officers will take the lead on membership with calls, emails and office visits.

8. All-Day Meeting: Scheduled for February 10, 2017 with John McGill of McGill and Hill Group.  Location: LPGA Internat. Clubhouse.

9. Web Updates:  The website content will be updated. Also, only member dentists will be featured in our “Find a Dentist” section.

10. Accountant:  Our association uses Martin/Klayer for filing our yearly tax return which costs $695.00.

11. Membership Recruitment:  We only had 69 members pay their yearly dues for 2015-16.  Ideally we would like to have 100+ members.  We as officers and members need to reach out to past and potential members through email, phone calls and office visits to bolster membership this year.

Dr. MacIntyre motioned to close the meeting, and Dr. Kometas seconded the motion. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Volusia-Flagler County Dental Association Officers:
President:  Dr. Sandeep Patel
Vice President:  Dr. Athas Kometas
Secretary:  Dr. Roderick MacIntyre
Treasurer:  Dr. Roger Thayer
Immediate Past President:  Dr. Scott Lawson

Dr. Roderick MacIntyre
Dr. Sandeep Patel
Dr. Dusanka Angelov

Alternate Delegates:
Dr. Bryan Bergens
Dr. Gregory Johnston
Dr. Roger Thayer

Affiliate Representative to CFDDA:
Dr. Gregory Johnston

Central Florida District Dental Association Officers (2016-17):
President: Dr. Lee Anne Keough           
President Elect: Dr. Bryan Bergens
Trustee to the FDA: Dr. Howard Pranikoff
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