Mississippi House District 29 Runoff Election Day for Bolivar and Sunflower County is Tuesday, June 28th, 2016.

     Below, I am pictured in front of a painting of Muddy Waters at my home in Shelby, Mississippi. Musicians like him are the reason we have such a rich music history in the Mississippi Delta. As a Mississippi State Representative, I want to continue to accentuate the value the Mississippi Delta offers the entire world. Grammy Museum Mississippi in Cleveland, MS is a reflection of the musical culture that exists here. I believe Grammy Museum Mississippi and other similar Mississippi Delta based museums should work together in a collaborative effort to attract more people to our unique region. Bolivar, Sunflower, Washington, Tunica, Tallahatchie, and Coahoma County should all work together to drive more tourism traffic to this part of Mississippi. However, it will take more financial support from our state legislature to ensure the area reaches its full potential.

      My wife, Adrienne, and I benefit greatly from the tourism economy. We provide guided tours to visitors from all over the world. The name of our company is Real Delta Tours and Artistry. Please visit our website: www.therealdelta.com.  It is our desire to see other businesses benefit from the new entrepreneurial ecosystem that is being created in the Mississippi Delta Region. We truly believe that  local business owners in the area can profit from the tourism economy. However, as stated before, municipalities and counties must work together. I want to be a part of the dialogue to create a sustainable collaboration in the Mississippi Delta Region that can help to foster a middle class lifestyle for more citizens in this region.

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