August 31, 2020

Community Teamwork urges all staff and clients to make your voice heard by voting in the Massachusetts State Primary this Tuesday, September 1st.

State and local elections can be more influential in local politics than the Presidential election. Yet we know that historically, participation in local elections is very low.

Roughly 60,000 individuals are registered to vote in the City of Lowell. 58% of voters participated in the 2016 General Election, yet only 20% of these voters routinely cast their ballot in local elections.

We must do better.

This Tuesday’s State Primary vote will determine Lowell’s next 17th District State Representative and U.S. Senate seat.

Here’s how the Primary process works:

  • There is no Republican candidate running for State Representative; the Democratic candidate receiving the most votes will be the presumed State Representative-elect.
  • Based on your registered party affiliation, your ballot will have two Senate candidates from your party. Whomever receives the most votes from each party will move forward to the next round of elections in November. Should one candidate receive over 50% of all votes, that candidate will be the presumed U.S. Senate-elect.

If every eligible voter participated in state and local elections, our government would look far different.

Please exercise your civic duty, and vote this Tuesday. Your voice matters!

Below are some resources on the democratic process: