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-Provided by Lance Gough, Executive Director - CBOE Commissioners-
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The Board will start mailing ballots in late September / early October 2020. All Vote By Mail ballots come with postage-paid Ballot Return Envelopes.
New this fall: You may submit the Ballot Return Envelope in a secured drop box at any Chicago Early Voting location! You may also use standard US mail. If you use standard US mail to send your Ballot Return envelope, you must get a postmark before or on Election Day, Nov. 3.
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Today! - Aug 22, 2020
Aug 26, 2020
-Submitted by Raymond V Hall -

Dear Community Partner,

I am pleased to share that the Cook County Justice Advisory Council has issued two Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) for organizations serving suburban Cook County residents. The purpose of these RFQs is to establish a prequalified pool of providers of services for suburban Cook County youth and adults in each of three geographic regions: North Suburban, West Suburban, and South Suburban areas. One RFQ is strictly for suburban youth services (RFQ 1205-2007), the other seeks providers for services to suburban adults (RFQ 1205-2009).

The list of pre-qualified vendors derived from these RFQs will be valid for three years, with two one-year renewal options. Respondents may seek to demonstrate their qualifications for one, two, or all three geographical areas of suburban Cook County, on each of the two RFQs.

Please be aware that organizations do not need to be physically located in the suburbs to be considered for this RFQ. Many service providers located in Chicago serve both city and suburban residents. The qualifications we seek are for providers with active programming in the suburbs.

RFQ 1205-2007,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RFQ 1205-2009
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The Coalition of African American Leaders believes that it is important to examine the critical issues confronting the African American community where injustice, inequality and the absence of access and opportunity continue to prevail, thereby negatively impacting us as a people. COAL is an assemblage that advocates and organizes for appropriate and responsible public policy change, system behavior change and equality of opportunity. We aim to achieve for all of our people the fullness of the life experience without any form of racism or exclusion as a deterrent. We believe we must prepare ourselves for the opportunity of this full participation, thereby achieving the necessary education and training to participate.