By now, I am sure that you have heard about UTSA's announcement to extend Spring Break and shift campus operations in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. I understand that you might feel concerned about the academic transition and I want you to know that our campus services will be here to support you. Additionally, your student government will remain your advocates throughout the process. 
The administration is centering response on two primary principles: sustaining the health and wellbeing of the Roadrunner community and minimizing the impact on our academic progress. Let us unite as a community and in our understanding that these circumstances affect us all. 
Check on your fellow Roadrunners and stay connected to university channels and services for information and support. I believe in our capacity to care for one another, and our ability to persevere through uncertainty as we continue along the path to success. Stay informed on the UTSA Coronavirus website and take steps to protect yourself and others.
In other news, your SGA run-off elections occur this week. Voting on Rowdylink is active for an extended period to better accommodate your schedules. Voting is open now and closes Thursday, March 19 at noon.
Eligible candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the March 3-4 General Election are listed on the ballot for the run-off election.  
Candidates for SGA President:
Taylor Edwards
Yessi Reyes
Candidates for SGA Vice President:
Jose “Andy” Escobedo
Gage A. Martin
All currently enrolled students will be eligible to vote. It is important to have your voice heard. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the results later this week.  
Go ‘Runners
Jack Rust