HESI 2018 Emerging Issue
The Emerging Issues (EI) Proposal process is HESI’s longest-standing project recruitment and adoption process. The EI Committee, comprised of representatives from both the public-private sector, recently reviewed the 2018 proposals and selected one:

Please click here to offer your input on a proposal to develop a Framework for the Use of Genomic Data to Inform Human Safety Assessment of Microbial Products via the launch of a new public-private HESI scientific committee. For more information about the proposal, please view the slide set describing the proposed project (presented at the June 2018 HESI Annual Meeting) and the written project proposal here. 

If this proposal receives sufficient endorsement from our stakeholders, HESI will allocate funding and staff to initiate the project in late 2018.  

If you have ideas for other new programmatic areas HESI should consider for adoption, please contact us at jpierson@hesiglobal.org to discuss how we can help move your ideas forward. You can learn more about the EI process online .  
Surveys are due Friday, 3 August 2018