Aloha and Hauoli Makahiki Hou, fellow conservative:

Hawaii's Democrats have long been upset at us Republicans because we keep getting in the way of naming something in Hawaii after President Obama.

Remember Democratic former city councilman Stanley Chang's failed attempt to rename Sandy Beach as Barack Hussein Obama Beach?  Well, that went nowhere fast . . . thank goodness!

But surely it's time that Hawaii's Republicans stepped up and showed that we agree something in Hawaii ought to be named after America's first biracial president; whose lasting legacy will be felt at our borders, at the IRS, in Syria, at a new library in Chicago, and at shave ice stands here in the islands.

HIRA's Facebook page has been FLOODED with suggestions from folks all across the state.  From those dozens and dozens of suggestions,  the top nominations were narrowed down to twenty ideas which best honor the insightful opinion that Republicans really have of our 44th president.

Now, it's time to bring those final nominations to a FINAL VOTE.

Yes, it's YOUR turn . . . and your responsibility as a citizen of the 50th State.

So, while Barry Soetoro is here in town (spending millions to practice his golf swing), now is your chance to help honor the co-founder of Punahou's infamous "Choom Gang", the star pupil of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, and terrorist Bill Ayers' good buddy -- a nation transformer who made it all the way to the White House by besting two weak RINO candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney; guys who were too afraid to take the battle to a smooth-talking socialist community organizer from Chicago.

VOTE TODAY so that Hawaii Republicans can speak with one voice to name something in Hawaii after Obama.  Results will be announced next week and sent to all government officials statewide for immediate consideration.

Please kokua today and show your aloha by voting.  
Mahalo, HIRA


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