Catholics Against the Death Penalty 
Southern Californ ia
Vote YES on Proposition 62
Working together with Justice That Works, we have received our official
Proposition Number 62 on the November 2016 ballot. Our opponents, however, were able to get an opposing proposition on the ballot as well, Proposition 66. 
Please also
Vote NO on Proposition 66
Click on these links for some basic bilingual flyers you can use:

Several events are already being planned as the campaign moves forward. 
Please join us this week if you can:

Clergy and other Faith Leaders are encouraged to join us for this official
Endorsement Press Conference in support of our Proposition 62. 
Click the link above for details.

Please join us or your own parish delegation at this annual
Mass  honoring Immigrants at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
St Camillus Center, Pax Christi SoCal & CAPD will be part of the procession in support of the Archbishop's calls for Comprehensive Immigration reform and the
Pope's Call for following  Jesus' command to welcome the immigrant and stranger. 
We will be assisting people to register to vote and encourage all to
vote YES on 62 to end the Death penalty in California.
Click the link above for details.

We will be hosting a brief Voter Registration Training, and making
preparations for the Immigration Mass at St Camillus Center
at  10 am on Saturday July 16th.  
We have plenty of Voter Registration forms available at St Camillus Center 
for you to use at your local parish. 
Please stop by to pick some up if you need them for your parish.

We need your help. Please save this date.
Can you help us in this next phase of the campaign?
We will be a part of the State Wide Mobilization efforts on this day.
Please contact us if you can help form a support group in your community.
Click the link above for more details.

We can do it! Si Se Puede!  
CADPSC Leadership Council
Javier Stauring, Jane Argento, Annette Debs CSJ, David Evans, 
Anthony Fadale*, Sr. Mary Sean Hodges OP*, Sr. Patricia Krommer CSJ, 
Fr. Chris Ponnet*, Scott Wood, Franky Carrillo
If you can join our Mobilization Teams, please contact:
Jennifer Ayon, Bi-Lingual Educator,   x345 or
Christopher Stephan,   x111
“There is no humane way of killing another person.”
Pope Francis 6-21-2016
Los Angeles Archdiocese,  Office of Restorative Justice,  US Conference of Catholic Bishops,  California Conference of Catholic Bishops,  Death Penalty Focus,  Catholic Mobilizing Network,  St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care,  Pax Christi 
on November 8th
Use the link above to register to vote in California  
Or you might like this site better:
Please share and help us register your community before the October 24th deadline, so we can all vote together to End the Death Penalty!
 Thank you for your support!
The Death Penalty...
"inadmissible, no matter how serious the crime..."
Pope Francis 6-21-16
Thou shalt not kill has absolute value and applies both to the innocent and to the guilty.”
Pope Francis 6-21-2016
Catholics Against the Death Penalty - Southern California
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