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It's election day, and if you haven't been to your polling station yet, we urge you to get in there before 8pm tonight. As you may have noticed, we're interesting ourselves with the Childcare Question, and notice that the NDP are also interested in making it easier on families. Check out the Party Comparison from the CCCABC on our website. 


This weekend also marks Buddings' 18 month anniversary, and our recent little bout of stardom, by way of Vancity's Business of Impact designation, has also got our heads spinning. 


Monster Month has been the best month in our 18 month history, and if you've got any secret monster recipes kicking around, now's the time to send them in. We need 8 more monster snacks, and we're counting on you! 


It's a monster of a newsletter, you better get on with it... 


In this newsletter...

Election Day in BC
You're invited to our party!
Wanted: Monster Snacks
Business of Impact Video
Bike to Work Week
Summer Holiday Schedule
Warmest Welcome to Goggles!
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Election Day in BC - Looking to Vote for Childcare?

We've been trying to get you the information you need to ask questions and understand the issues when it comes to childcare in BC. Our blog posts for the past several months have been aimed at giving you a big-picture understanding of the $10/Day Childcare Plan, but on election day, there's a simple question to answer: Where do the 4 main parties stand on Childcare?
1. The Conservatives and Greens have no major party platforms on the question.
2. The Liberals have promised to make good on their promise from last time they were elected, and are allocating $37 million over 3 years, largely in the form of an additional $55/month payment per child under 6, starting in 2014. They do not support the $10/day plan, and have said they do not believe it is feasible. 
3. The NDP is promising to allocate $100 million over 3 years, aimed at reducing parent fees for infant and toddler spaces, one of the top three recommendations of the $10/day plan (the other two being to increase wages for Educators and to increase parental leave to 18 months). 
You're invited! 18-Month Anniversary Party - May 18, 2013


This weekend, we're celebrating a very important business milestone, especially in childcare: 18 months in operation! Buddings is old enough to go to Buddings! 
What an adventure we've had these 18 months. Creating our vision for modern childcare, hearing families tell us that it's just what they were looking for, and watching the idea take off, we are so proud to be your flexible occasional childcare. We wouldn't be here without you, and if you have some time on Sat. May 18 to join us, we'd love to share the day with you. 
The party runs from 1 - 3pm, with treats and the chance to mix and mingle with families and friends. We hope to see you there!
Wanted: Monster Snacks

Kluane's SnackIf you've been following along on our Facebook Page this month, you've seen the concoctions that Lawrence and Johanna have been whipping up for our special presentation: "May is Monster Month." 

They came up with morning and afternoon snacks for the first four weeks, and have been posting photos on our page. Now it's your turn to get your monster on! Think you can't mix marshmallows and olives? During Monster Month, anything goes! Send us your ideas by May 24 (don't forget Early Purchase Day), and we'll load them up and let you know how it goes! 

Thanks to Kluane, who already submitted his cream cheese, carrot, and olive rice cake. 

Business of Impact Video Features Buddings!

On May 7, Vancity Credit Union released the newest video in their Business of Impact series, and for 2013, they're featuring Buddings! We are so thrilled to be chosen, and super excited to share the video. Check it out on our website! Do you know any of those kids? :)
Bike to Work Week - Buddings 2013 Challenge


The 6th annual Bike to Work Week celebration of cycling for transportation is running from May 27 - June 2, 2013, and we want you to join our team!

In 2012, we came in 33rd for businesses with 1 - 10 employees in all of Vancouver for logged trips!! This year, with your help, we want to be in the top 10!

All you have to do is register yourself at and join the Buddings Team. If you do so by May 26, you'll be entered to win 10 hours free for June! Ride your bike as much as you can! For each trip logged, your name will be entered for the prize again! 

If you're wondering about gear, routes, or have questions about how to get started, check out the family section of Vancouver-based Momentum Magazine, or ask Talia. 
Summer Holidays Announced: July 29 - Aug. 6, 2013


It's still a few months out, but please mark your calendars: Buddings will be closed on Monday, July 29, reopening on Tuesday after the BC Day long weekend, on Aug. 6, 2013
Payment for the month of Aug. is still due by the 1st of the month, with the Early Purchase Deadline remaining unchanged, for July 24. 
Don't forget, the Victoria Long Weekend is coming up, too, and we will be closed on Monday May 20. You can always find our holidays, special events, and weekly snacks on our Google Calendar

Warmest welcome to our newest arrival - Goggles!
There's a new baby at Buddings, and we couldn't be more excited to present him... or her, to you today! We thank Briar for naming our new arrival, and are pleased to introduce Goggles, the baby platy fish, and the first baby to ever be born at Buddings. 
Baby Goggles was first spotted on Wednesday of last week, and can usually be found lurking near the bottom of the fish tank, amongst the plant leaves or under the log. He seems to be the only one of his... litter? School? Pack? to have survived, but he now measures a handsome 15mm, and we are confident he will grow into his eyes. 
Have a look for him next time you're in.

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