Issue 6.44
October 30, 2020
Vote for Jobs 2020
With less than one week to go before Election Day 2020, we believed it was important to get one more look at how federal races for President, Congress and top issues were playing out.

Many voters have already cast ballots, and a great many more will do so before Tuesday. This past Wednesday, Ashlee Rich Stephenson, vice president and national political director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce joined us and shared insights from recent polling data. Here is a recap:

  • Enthusiasm to vote hits a historic high at 71%.
  • More than 70 million early/absentee votes have been cast as of October 28.
  • Election Day will likely be 'Election Week': 30 states won't begin counting early/absentee votes until Election Day.
  • It is critical for the business community and job creators to have a functioning government. This is accomplished by supporting candidates that are willing to work across the aisle.
  • Really great pollsters use data science to figure out who will participate in an election.
Take the Small Business Credit Survey
The State Chamber is partnering with the Federal Reserve to conduct the 2020 Small Business Credit Survey. This survey reaches thousands of small businesses like yours and provides vital information to policymakers who are weighing decisions that affect small businesses. The survey closes tomorrow, October 31, 2020.

The Marvel Cup is awarded annually in honor of the memory of Josiah Marvel, who reorganized and was the first president of the modern-day State Chamber, 1913-1914. It was established by the State Chamber in 1951 to honor a Delawarean who has made an outstanding contribution to the state, community, or society.

Expanded eligibility and increased funding for hardest-hit industries now part of DE Relief Grants
With the third application round getting underway, more Delaware small businesses and nonprofits are now eligible to apply for DE Relief Grants under changes made to the program:

  • Small businesses will only need to prove they experienced a decrease in revenue, regardless of size.
  • Companies that meet the federal definition of a small business and received a Payroll Protection Program loan from the Small Business Administration of more than $1 million, are also now able to apply.
  • Approved applicants in disproportionately impacted industries will be receiving a 15% bonus allocation to be used on any valid business expense from the date of the business’s acceptance of its grant award through the end of 2020. This applies to new applicants, as well as those awarded grants in Rounds 1 and 2.


As we wrap up our first year as a standalone company, we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for a post-pandemic world. Two critical issues are emerging on both a local and global scale: agricultural sustainability and food security.

These interconnected issues are not new to us at Corteva, to our colleagues in the food supply chain, or to farmers who continue to do what they’ve always done: produce a safe, nutritious and abundant food supply while stewarding the land. Read more >
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