November 2, 2015
Vote for the Students for One Health Logo!
Students from all over the world entered the Students for One Health logo competition this September. Now it is up to us to choose the winner. Use this link to vote for your 3 favorite logos

A few rules on voting/sharing:
  • One vote submission per person. Only students are allowed to vote.
  • We would like to limit these votes to students on the Students for One Health listserv and students involved in one health/public health groups/activities. Please limit your sharing of this vote accordingly.
  • If you submitted a design, please do not self promote. We want the vote to be as fair as possible and the winner to be based on the best design.
  • There are a handful of submissions that are sketches. These sketches will be converted to a professional format if they are chosen as the winner. Please do not let the non-professional format bias your decision and base your vote on the design itself (we promise we'll make it look pretty).
  • Some of the images needed to be resized for voting purposes. If you would like to see them in their original format you can view the full sized images/originals.


Voting will be open until November 14th. Winners and the finalized logo will be announced by November 28th


Happy voting! 

Lauren and Sarina


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