Aloha kākou!

This campaign is about us, it's not about me. It's time government puts the people first, where our representatives & senators are elected and here to serve you -- not the other way around.

This campaign is also about transparency, communication, and trust. This is how I want and plan to serve in leadership. My promise to you is that I will always communicate priorities, policies and tentative bills with all of you, and to get your input and feedback before decisions are made. I promise to challenge status quo when necessary, and to always take the right path, which often times may not be the easiest path. 

And finally, if elected, I will donate 100% of my public salary back to non-profits you choose. We want to make sure we are donating to the non-profits that mean the most to our community and have been collecting your votes since March. Please make sure your voice is heard and click to vote below.
Current Top 3 Non-Profits in the Running
Why I'm running for State House District 26: It's Time for a Change 
Hot Issues

Thank you to everyone who has reached out via email, text, and/or Facebook messenger to share your concerns and thoughts. My favorite part of this experience has been hearing from all of you and having deep, meaningful conversations about the issues that matter most to you and to our district.

Here are some of the things you've mentioned that keeps you up at night:
📈Rising Cost of Living
🏠Growing Homeless / Houseless Community
🏠Abandoned homes on Pensacola and Liholiho
🧑‍✈️Increasing break-ins & crime
🐶Lack of dog-friendly parks

I would love to chat further about any of the issues listed above and/or anything else that's on your mind. If you'd like to host a coffee talk for your building and/or neighbors, please let me know. I'd love to find some time where we can all meet up and talk story -- whether it be in person or via Zoom.
Papakōlea Community Meet & Greet
On Friday, June 17th, we hosted a "Drive Through" event at the Papakōlea Community Center and met hundreds of our neighbors. Many who stopped by shared concerns around our rising cost of living and what this will mean for our kupuna.

I firmly believe that it is our kuleana to take care of and give back to our kupuna for all that they've done to help pave the way for us.

We must implement programs to care for our kupuna -- specifically, as inflation continues to drive all of our costs up, we must ensure our social security benefits increase to match. While this is a federal issue, there are ways we can supplement/support on a state level.
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If there's an issue that's important to you that isn't listed above, please let me know. Email me at
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