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11th Annual URSA Awards Competition
We bestow on you the honor of picking the bear/bud you like best in each of the 15 categories.

You collect and you love bears, therefore you KNOW bears! You are the judge!
A ' special thank you' to all the artists for entering 106 pieces this year. Our sponsors receive our gratitude too for their lovely gifts and prizes!

Hat's off to everyone!  Bravo!
In this First Round of voting the top winners, in each of the categories, will be chosen by your votes.You'll have one vote to cast in each category. Vote now through July 31st.

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Please be honest with your voting, as an artist will be disqualified if our audits find any discrepancies in the voting procedure, such as many multiple votes coming from the same computer.

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Which bears will be 'talking' to you?
Vote now and until July 31st.

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The 11th Annual URSA Awards Competition is sponsored by Bears&Buds, the original,  online teddy bear magazine.

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