Decades ago, Carmenere was thought is have gone extinct due to phylloxera throughout Europe and the 1956 frost of Bordeaux.  Years later, around 1994,  Chilean winemakers thought they were dealing with an early ripening clone of Merlot, when in fact, it was a member of the Cabernet family called Carmenere. The rediscovered varietal thrived in the Chile's hot sandy soil. Keep in mind the soil in Chile is so sandy the phylloxera pest is unable to live in it, which allows grape vines to grow on their original root stock.  
I've always been a skeptic of Carmenere. I'm sure our previous buyers have wondered where our Carmenere went. Well, the first vintage was great, but we wanted something better...and that is exactly what the Siegel family delivered with their Single Vineyard Los Lingues Carmenere.
Finally, after 5 years, we have a product that is top of the line and at a reasonable price. For those of you that don't know, the problem that you sometimes find with this grape type is an overpowering green bell pepper aroma. The wine would taste great, but it was difficult to get over the bell pepper aromas. The Siegel family has found the perfect soil type and just the right amount of oak aging to remove this smell and leave behind the wonderful juice that the Chilean country is known for. Carmenere is to the Colchagua Valley in Chile as Cabernet is to Napa in United States. 
Tasting Notes:
This full-bodied wine is a deep purplish red. On the nose, you will find earth spice and prunes. The wine has excellent acidity and fruit notes that are finished off with soft tannins gained from the 10 to 12 months of American and French oak aging. Great balance and rich character top off this beauty . Drink over the next 6 years.

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Mike Good
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award during the Cata d'Or Wine Competition

Siegel Single Vineyard Los Lingues Carmenere 2016
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