October 22, 2020
2020 Voter Guide
Paul Johnson, Chair of Scarborough Town Council, invites Scarborough residents to vote in our November 2020 election. Click Here to view.
Election Day is less than two weeks away. Are you ready to vote? Follow this simple guide to make a voting plan, including when and where you'll vote, reviewing a sample ballot, and more.
Step 1: Are You Registered to Vote?
Have you voted in a Scarborough election before? Then you are still registered! However, if you have had a name change or an address change within Scarborough, we ask that you update your information prior to voting.

Still need to register? You can do so by visiting the Town Clerk's office on or before Election Day.
Step 2: Make a Voting Plan
Choose how you'll vote:
Early In-Person
Vote at Town Hall, weekdays from 8am-4pm

This Saturday Only! Open from 8am-12pm

Early by Absentee Ballot
Request your absentee ballot by October 29. You can drop off your completed ballot anytime in our secure Drop Box outside of the Town Hall entrance. Or, drop it off inside during business hours.

In-Person on Election Day
Voting will take place at the Scarborough High School, located at 11 Municipal Drive from 7am-8pm on Election Day, November 3.
Click Here for information about voter registration. For further information on Absentee Voting and Voter Registration, please contact the Town Clerk's office at (207) 730-4020.
Step 3: What's On My Ballot?
You are registered and have your voting planned outlined—great start! Now when it comes time to fill in your ballot, do your research before making a final selection. Start by checking out sample ballots on our Town Clerk webpage.

Ranked-Choice Voting
Ranked-choice voting is being used in the 2020 State Primary and General election. Ranked-choice voting (RCV) allows voters to choose their candidates in order of preference, by marking candidates as their first, second, third, and subsequent choices. Learn More about ranked-choice voting in our 2020 election.
Question 1: Ladder Truck Referendum
By Fire Chief B. Michael Thurlow

Your ballot contains referendum Question 1 asking Scarborough voters if they are in favor of authorizing up to $1,200,000 in bonds to fund the cost of a replacing one of our ladder trucks. It is my duty to provide as much accurate information as possible so that the electorate can make an informed decision when they cast their ballot.
There are three primary reasons that drive the replacement of fire apparatus:

1) Current truck condition, notably the age, shape and reliability of the truck. 

2) Cost of maintenance which generally increases with age, usage, and availability of replacement parts. 

3) Safety of the public and our personnel.
Read Fire Chief Thurlow's full article above. If you have questions or would like to personally see our apparatus, please don’t hesitate to email Fire Chief Thurlow or call (207) 730-4201. 
Know Your Town Council Candidates
We encourage you to explore the positions of each candidate running for the three open seats on Town Council. Please take the time to be informed and make your voice heard by voting in this election. Here are the candidates on the ballot:
Step 4: Track Your Ballot
You're ready to vote! If you're voting by absentee ballot, Click Here to track the status of your ballot. Next up, encourage your friends and family to vote. Be sure to stay informed on election results at the municipal, state, and national level— your voice matters.
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