Dear Friend,

We hope you are doing well and enjoying a safe and relaxing summer. As we begin to emerge from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are renewed signs of vibrancy all across our city.
In Newtonville for example, an incredible rejuvenation is underway. Bram Way, once simply an entrance to a parking lot, is now a gathering point for everyone, including students, families, those working on laptops, and people of all ages who just want to enjoy the space. Across the Pike, there’s TRIO, which is home to MIDA, a Black-owned business where one of America’s best chefs now cooks up dinner every night, and to The Barn, the shoe store that has been there for generations of Newtonians, now in a new and more prominent location. Elsewhere in the city outdoor dining has been a hit; in Nonantum, Newton Centre, the Highlands, West Newton, and all across our city, people are interacting and dining in sidewalk cafes. 
Success across these areas does not happen by accident. It happens because community members and local elected officials work together to create great places for people to spend time. 
That’s what Voters for a Vibrant Newton is about and we want to see more of this kind of activity happening in all 13 villages. That means supporting candidates who promote thriving village centers, which provide the widest range of housing diversity and environmental sustainability. 
Patrons enjoy outdoor dining on Langley Road in Newton Centre
The Newton Community Freedge in Nonantum
The new plaza between Austin Street and Bram Way in Newtonville
Of course, Newton still has a lot of work to do. Too many of our friends and neighbors have an insufficient food supply, which is why we continue to see a growing need for community resources such as the Newton Community Freedge. Housing prices continue to rise, forcing people to live further away from their jobs, friends and loved ones. We desperately need more housing options, including affordable units. Newton, as a whole, must look for ways to diversify our housing stock. 
As part of this ongoing effort, we will be reaching out this summer and fall to let you know about some of the candidates we are excited to support in city council elections taking place this November. Over the course of the next several months, we look forward to sharing more about our priorities, and we encourage you to help us get our message out. Please forward this email to friends, family and neighbors.
The life we’ve seen take root can only continue to thrive if we get behind it as a community. To that end, the City is currently soliciting feedback on how to best improve each of our village centers as part of the Zoning Redesign process. The only way to make this process a success is to hear from as large and diverse a group as we possibly can, so please take a moment to help. By visiting the Village Centers Visioning page, you can make sure your voice is heard.
Finally, if you would like to make a contribution to help support our goal of electing candidates that share our vision for a vibrant Newton, please click here.
Thank you, and we look forward to more opportunities to connect in the weeks and months ahead.