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From ambiguity to income requirements, outright denials aren't the only response that discourages and deters voucher holders from finding housing. Learn more in our new blog about source of income discrimination.
The New York City Commission on Human Rights settled a lawsuit against a major housing provider that was denying housing to applicants with criminal records, and thus racially discriminating against Black and Latinx New Yorkers, who have been disproportionately arrested over the years.
Both Uber and Lyft drivers have refused to let this man with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair bring his service dog into their cars, despite policies and federal law that say he can't be discriminated against because of his disability. 
The Federal Commission on School Safety recommended abandoning a 2014 Obama-era guidance on administering discipline without disproportionately affecting students with disabilities and racial minorities. Disability advocates are urging the Dept of Education to keep the guidance.
A bill passed in the DC City Council could expand language-specific resources for the public and charter schools. DC is currently home to 95,000 foreign-born residents, many of whom need language-specific resources.
A new study finds that transgender workers in New York City face various forms of discrimination, including invasive questions, wage discrimination, and harassment from coworkers.
In a 2015 survey, 55 percent of transgender participants reported that insurance denied coverage for their gender-affirming surgery, while a quarter were denied coverage for hormone therapy.
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