The Westchester Aviation Association/ATC Quarterly Meeting will take place via a Zoom meeting on Monday, March 15, at 7:30 PM. Ms. Demisha Vega, HPN Tower Manager will be in attendance to talk with you and to answer your questions about air traffic control on and around the airport.  Also, our program will include a presentation by NY Approach controller Toby Bucsescu about the light general aviation arrival and departure routes to/from Westchester County Airport. Learn why you get the route clearance you are given, and at the altitudes ATC assigns, rather than just "direct destination". Become knowledgeable so that the changed routes don't surprise you, and so you can file and plan for a more accurate arrival or departure. As is our custom, please email Scott Dyer in advance of questions or areas that you wish to be discussed at the meeting, which helps us to have knowledgeable answers for you.