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Oman 2018

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Oman Program Series: Applications Due November 13
The World Affairs Councils of America is pleased to announce that we are expanding our collaboration with the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center  (SQCC).

The WACA  Engage America Series: Oman 2018  will feature SQCC experts on U.S.-Oman relations, and a presentation of the country's contributions to business, trade, investment, culture, and education.
We welcome Councils to submit applications for this program by November  13 ; eight Councils will be selected to participate.  
About the Program
The series centers on a discussion by a keynote presenter or a panel of experts on Oman from Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center. The recommended program includes a general overview presentation (approximately 45-60 minutes in length), followed by a Q&A session. 
Besides the main  Oman speaker event, Councils will amplify grass-roots outreach by organizing any or all of the following ancillary activities:
  • Business meeting, such as with the local chamber of commerce
  • Student/faculty meeting at a university/high school forum
  • Community "grass-tops" meeting, such as with local political/civic/faith-based leaders
  • Media meeting, such as an interview with local media outlets or editorial board
The WACA Engage America: Oman 2018 series  will run through December 2018. Interested Councils are as ked to include several preferred dates or date ranges in their proposals. Exact dates will be determi n ed in collaboration with our SQCC partners. 

Costs and Stipends 
Thanks to the generous support of the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, WACA will provide $5,000 to each Council selected to participate in the program. The WACA grant funds will be used to cover speaker airfare, accommodation, and incidental expenses; event-related expenses (venue, food/beverage, audio-visual equipment, and publicity); and administration costs.

Available Speakers

Department of History
University of Virginia

Sultan Qaboos bin Said Professor
Arabic and Islamic Studies
Georgetown University

More speakers are available; this roster will be updated.
To Apply
A completed Application Form, including a program budget, should be submitted to Drew Lorelli at dlorelli@worldaffairscouncils.org by November 13, 2017.

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