December 9, 2019
Thursday on Cover to Cover : Angela Stent & Jill Dougherty on Putin's World; Star Speakers in the WACA Network; Council of the Month: Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy; Chris Hyslop Named Montana WAC's New ED; 2019 Conference Roundup; and Council Jobs & Highlights
This Thursday's Cover to Cover : Putin's World and Russia's Role
Register now for WACA's Cover to Cover conference call on Thursday, December 12, at 2:00-2:30 PM ET, featuring Angela Stent, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings Institution and Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies at Georgetown University, and Jill Dougherty, SFS Centennial Fellow at Georgetown University, Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and CNN Contributor, on Stent's recent book, Putin's World: Russia Against the West and With the Rest

We all now live in a paranoid and polarized world of Putin's making, and the Russian leader, through guile and disruption, has resurrected Russia's status as a force to be reckoned with. Stent helps Americans understand how and why the post-Cold War era has given way to a new, more dangerous world, one in which Russia poses a challenge to the U.S. in every corner of the globe -- and one in which Russia has become a toxic and divisive subject in U.S. politics. Join WACA for a conversation with Angela Stent and Jill Dougherty about Russia's role on the global stage.
Star Speakers in the WACA Network This Week
Ambassador (ret) Kathleen Stephens, CEO and President, Korea Economic Institute
Kee Park, Paul Farmer Global Surgery Scholar, Harvard Medical School
Henk-Jan Brinkman
Chief, Peacebuilding Strategy and Partnerships Branch of the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs
Michael Lind
New America
Daniel Tillias
Nominated CNN Hero, and Co-Founder
Community Center for Peaceful Alternatives
Council of the Month: Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy's (UCCD) youth program, Young Diplomats of Utah, has had a year full of formative and exciting developments. In July, it hosted the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program which brought 11 Iraqi youth to interact with families, youth, community leaders, and various organizations in Utah around the theme of entrepreneurship and leadership.

UCCD hosted its local Academic WorldQuest qualifying competition in November with the winning team coming from Lone Peak High School in Highland. This spring, these students will be the first team that Utah has sent to the national Academic WorldQuest competition in Washington, DC.

This last weekend, UCCD put on a successful fundraising night with it's annual Vivaldi by Candlelight concert, with this year’s funds going directly to the Young Diplomats of Utah programs.

Looking forward to 2020, UCCD hired Gary Crofts as its full-time Youth Program Officer. A Youth Advisory Committee was soon developed, bringing together community members who will use their expertise and connections to further develop the Council's program to empower globally-engaged youth.
Chris Hyslop Named Montana WAC's New Executive Director!
Chris Hyslop is the new Executive Director of the Montana World Affairs Council. Chris began his professional career as a high school teacher. He then served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan from 1995-1997. Following his service, he worked with humanitarian organizations and the United Nations around the world in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Chechnya, the Balkans, China, Liberia, and Eritrea. 
Welcome to the network, Chris!
2019 Conference Roundup
Watch the Highlights Reel
Click on the below video to view some of the best moments from the 2019 National Conference!
55 Councils Represented 

32 Student Scholarship Recipients

26 Foreign Dignitaries

23 Speakers

15 Sponsors

  6 Think Tank Partners

  3 Awards Presented

  2 Former U.S. Secretaries
348 Total Attendees
For all 2019 Conference session recordings, check out WACA's YouTube Page here . Visit WACA's Flickr Page for all the best Conference photos - you may just see yourself!
Councils Are Hiring!

Manager of Citizen Diplomacy Programs is an outstanding opportunity for a professional seeking to grow a career in citizen diplomacy and nonprofit management with an international focus. The role includes creating and tracking proposals, coordinating programming visits, and interfacing with visitors and national programming partners in Washington, DC. Apply here.

The Corporate Relations Officer will utilize experience in corporate development, sales or corporate fundraising, and knowledge and passion for global issues and current events to connect Minnesota’s global business community with the mission and programs of Global Minnesota. Apply here
Council Highlights
Monday 12/9

Worcester World Affairs Council hosts Eric Farnsworth, Vice President of the Council of the Americas, for “U.S. Relations With Latin America: From Where We Are to Where We Want to Go.” Details

Naples Council on World Affairs hosts Mead Treadwell, former Lieutenant Governor of Alaska, for “Territorial Claims and Tensions in the Arctic.” Details

World Affairs Council of Maine hosts a panel of experts for “From Central Africa to Portland.” Details

Tuesday 12/10

Global Minnesota hosts Gerardo Guerrero, Consul of Mexico, and Ariel Delouya, Consul General of Canada, for “Trade Insights and Networking: NAFTA 2.0.” Details

International Relations Council (Kansas City) hosts David Smolanksy, exiled Venezuelan Mayor, for “Where Does Venezuela Go from Here?” Details

WorldBoston hosts Michele Dunne, Director of the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, for “Great Decisions: The Middle East: Regional Disorder.” Details

World Affairs Council of Greater Houston hosts Emile Dirks, Research Associate at the London School of Economics' International Drug Policy Unit, for “China: The New and Future Global Face of the Surveillance State.” Details

World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosts a panel of experts for “The ‘Silver Tsunami’: Healthcare and an Ageing Population.” Details

Wednesday 12/11

World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh hosts David Hickton, Director and Founder of the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security, for “Immigration 2.0: The American Dream in the 21st Century.” Details

World Affairs Council of Charleston hosts Greg Poling, Director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, for “Island Nation by Island Nation, Steadily, Significantly, China’s Presence in the Pacific Region Is Growing. Is This at U.S. Expense and Does It Matter?” Details

World Affairs Council of South Texas hosts Ted Carpenter, Senior Fellow for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, for “What Allies Should the U.S. Discard and Who Should the U.S. Add?” Details

World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts Amaryllis Fox, former CIA Officer, to discuss her book, Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA. Details

World Affairs Council of Greater Reading hosts Behnam Ben Taleblu, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, for “Making Sense of the Iranian Escalation.” Details

WorldDenver hosts a panel of experts for “Trump's Middle East Policy: A Shifting Reality for Iran and Other Regional Actors.” Details

Thursday 12/12

Savannah Council on World Affairs hosts Michael Lind, Co-Founder of New America, for “The Return of Geo-Economics.” Details

Foreign Policy Association hosts Henk-Jan Brinkman, Chief of the Peacebuilding Strategy and Partnerships Branch of the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, for “Peacebuilding in the 21st Century.” Details

World Affairs (Northern California) hosts Ambassador (ret.) Kathleen Stephens, CEO and President of the Korea Economic Institute, and Kee Park, Paul Farmer Global Surgery Scholar at Harvard Medical School, for “What’s Happening on the Korean Peninsula?” Details

Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs hosts Marc Polymeropoulos, Former Head of Clandestine Operations in Europe and Eurasia for the CIA, for “Life as an Intelligence Officer: From Flip Phone to the Age of Twitter.” Details

World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay hosts Boyd Haight, former Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, for “Global Challenges for Food and Agriculture.” Details

World Affairs Council of the Desert hosts Paul Williams, Chief Technology Officer at Clarity Consulting Corporation, for "Global Cybersecurity Threats Facing America." Details

Colorado Springs World Affairs Council hosts Khaled Elgindy, Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings, for “Deal of the Century? Washington’s Blind Spot in Israel-Palestine.” Details

Olympia World Affairs Council hosts professor Tom Rainey, Evergreen State College, for “What Is Volodya Up to Now?” Details

Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Town Hall hosts professor Steven Lamy, University of Southern California, and assistant professor Nelida Duran, University of Southern California, for “A Race for the Arctic: Power and Survival in a Changing Landscape.” Details

Southeast Connecticut World Affairs Council hosts associate professor Sarah Wiliarty, Wesleyan University, for “The Rise of Populism and Nationalism in Europe.” Details

World Affairs Council of Rhode Island hosts anthropologist and beekeeper Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban for “Emerging Global Issues Affecting the Honey Bee Population.” Details

Friday 12/13

World Affairs Council Upstate hosts nominated CNN hero Daniel Tillias, Co-Founder of the Community Center for Peaceful Alternatives, for a speaker program. Details
WACA's National Speaker Database Needs You!
We have recently debuted WACA's Speaker Database 2.0. In this new iteration, we have expanded our list of speakers and made it easier than ever for you, as Council staff and board members, to engage with it. We want your speakers! Please submit your speakers through the " Submit Your Speakers" button on our website.

You need to have an account through our website in order to view and interact with the database and submit your speakers. To check if you have an account, please visit your Council Member page on the WACA website and see if you are listed as a staff or board member. If you are not, you will not be able to interact with the database yet.

If you do not have an account or are having issues accessing the website and/or the Speaker Database, please email Rachel Pastor.
Travel the World With WAC Philadelphia

Travel with Council Leaders - hear them lecture on Travel the World tours from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia!

2019 travel schedule includes trips to: 

  • Ambassador Mark Johnson, former Vice Chair, World Affairs Councils of America, Egypt & the Eternal Nile: January 28-February 11, 2020
  • Ambassador Heather Hodges, President and Ambassador in Residence, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Barcelona: April 18-26, 2020
  • Lise Falskow, President & CEO, Alaska World Affairs Council, Scottish Isles and Norwegian Fjords: May 16-24, 2020
  • Dr. Pamela Zeiser, Education Liaison, World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, Berlin Uncovered: May 24-31, 2020
  • Jim Falk, President & CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Arctic Expedition: Voyage Under the Midnight Sun: June 9-19, 2020
  • Ljubomir (LJ) Stambuk, President & CEO, World Affairs Council of Charlotte, Sailing Ancient Trade Routes: Helsinki to Copenhagen: June 27-July 9, 2020
  • Craig Snyder, President & CEO, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Ukraine Seminar: July 5-16, 2020
  • Mimi Gregory, Vice President and Program Chairman, Naples Council on World Affairs, Cruising the Adriatic and Aegean Seas: September 9-17, 2020
  • Bill Clifford, President & CEO, World Affairs Councils of America, Ancient Greece Odyssey: October 22-30, 2020
  • Don Samford, Chairman of the Education Outreach and Program Committees, Peoria Area World Affairs Council, Legendary Turkey: October 2-16, 2020

Contact or call 800-942-5004 , ext. 209 or 217 .
1010 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 516, Washington, DC 20005