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WAGO's Lever-Nuts® Reduce Wiring Time by Up to 50%

A versatile, labor-saving alternative to twist-style splices, LEVER-NUTS® orange lever eliminates twisting, taping and crimping. Simply lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor and lower it. They are also reusable, giving LEVER-NUTS® a unique, cost-effective edge over traditional splices.

Perfect Electrical Installation Via WAGO Terminal Blocks

The TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal block family is the ideal solution for industrial and hazardous applications, as it also is for building automation. Equipped with the unique CAGE CLAMP® connection technology, the TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal blocks offer a wide variety of use in industrial and hazardous applications, as well as in building automation. Thanks to their small size, more room is left for wiring in the control cabinets and terminal boxes. Use and wiring of the individual terminal blocks is easy and intuitive. 

▷ TOPJOB®S The Rail-Mounted Terminal Block System (PDF)

Bring Each Signal into Shape Using WAGO Relays

Perfectly pairing a housing with electronics is key to a highly successful device. This is exactly what Wago has achieved with the new 857 Series Transducers and Relay/Optocoupler Modules.

▷ WAGO Provides a Broad Range of Relays and Optocouplers (PDF)

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