Dear Friends,
As a child, I was taught to “walk the walk” - both literally and figuratively. I grew up being told to be the best ME whatever my stage of development. While the paths we choose when “walking the walk” may differ, the bottom line is about being completely authentic.
Sometimes in life the walk is an uphill battle. Sometimes there may be a deep ditch, or a slippery slope into a shallow pond. Or maybe a pebble gets stuck in your shoe. It hurts for a moment and then you keep going. You keep walking. 
For Monterey Public Library, “walking the walk” means being more than a warehouse of books (although I am super proud of our inspiring collections). MPL is a place where we choose to help kids and teens succeed through programs and partnerships. It is a place where we provide social discussions and outlets for our seniors, and a place where we support our local businesses. It’s our small community hub where we pride ourselves on “walking the walk” for and with our community. 
Our Summer Reading Program (SRP) launched this month with over 100 people enjoying the cool sounds of the Palenke Arts Student Jazz Combo and the mellow beat of Benny Bassett on Colton Hall Lawn. I am excited by the range of family friendly activities available in the upcoming weeks, thanks to generous sponsors Richard Carr and Barbara Schilling. “Walk the walk” with us by joining us as we celebrate digging for fossils, "Take & Explore" adventure kits, walking book clubs, and most importantly - friends, family and community.

Thank you for being part of our community,
Inga Waite
Library & Museums Director
Have you ever dreamed of digging for fossils or excavating layers of rock formation? Have you heard of the famous Velociraptor dinosaurs, previous stars of the Jurassic Park movies? Paleontologist Daniel Nolan presents I DIG DINOSAURS! A short dino-themed story time and excavation activity follows the presentation.  
This Saturday, June 18th
Colton Hall Lawn 
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM 
All ages welcome! No registration required 
Ponies that Heal. Horses that Help and Kids that Feel. Join the Equine Healing Collaborative Project in a Mini Horses, Big Feelings event that teaches mindfulness to children. Giddy Up!

Friday, June 24th
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Back lot of the Library 

“Walk the walk” with us - introducing MPL’s very own Walking Book Club - yes we can walk and talk at the same time!

Come join us in front of El Estero Park Center for a low impact morning stroll and book discussion of your choice. 

Tuesday, June 28th
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
El Estero Park Center (Meet in front of the Center) 
777 Pearl Street, Monterey 
It’s like ordering take out food for pickup. But, this doesn’t include burgers or burritos. Instead, MPL’s Take and Explore Totes are available for pickup with a fun activity that varies each week.

This week's theme is Hug A Tree. Search among the 14 Monterey landmark trees from a map to find incredible leaves for an embroidery project. Nature turned art! Activity bags will be distributed on a first come first served basis, with new bag distribution on Tuesdays. A special shout out to Jaki from Slow Fiber, who graciously helped us assemble the "ingredients" this week. 
Sneak peek for next week's bag - Love Your Local Parks!

You can’t hit a home run with this bat. Nor do these bats travel in the renowned BatMobile. These bats are the only true flying mammal! NorCalBats will lead an exciting lecture on their efforts to rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats throughout Northern California. They are committed to public education regarding the environmental benefits of bats, and to dispelling fears and myths that lead to the death of roosts and colonies. Live bats of California native species will be presented. Seating is limited so register in advance. Join us for a “batty” good time.
Thursday, July 7th
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
MPL Community Room
All ages are welcome!
Not sure what to read next? We get it. We all have enough decisions to make on a daily basis! Let us help. An MPL Librarian can choose a stack of books just for you! Simply fill out this form and let the decisions fall on us. You will be notified (via email or mail) within a day or two when your selection is complete and ready for pickup. You are still on the hook for dinner decisions though…that is...

Grab your neighbors, friends and family and head out to Stokes Adobe for a great meal with no dishes to clean! And, a portion of your check will be donated to the MPL Friends & Foundation.  

Wednesday, June 29th
Stokes Adobe
500 Hartnell Street, Monterey 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Thank you Friends & Foundation for hosting this event and helping to support the Monterey Public Library.
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