Wisconsin Airport Management Association - September 2018 Newsletter
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Message from the WAMA President

Charles H. Sweet II
WAMA President

SUCCESS in the aviation management business is predicated on leadership's ability to overcome legislative and industry-wide challenges. I welcome you to the only airport-centric organization in Wisconsin were the focus is on the facilitation of airport management with the information and tools they needs to be successful. WAMA's focus is set on the following goals:
  • Promote safety, economic value, and public benefit at ALL of the airports in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Educate the aviation community with information that may be helpful to the future of aviation.
  • Educate local and regional governments of the economic value of aviation within Wisconsin.
  • Seek and exchange information between other aviation professionals who may have experiences and insights that can benefit each other.
  • Investigate, study, discuss, recommend, and promote improvement in the aviation system to airport operators, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics, FAA and legislators.
  • Develop working cooperation between Government, business, and aviation entities.
  • Promote the education and participation of young people in aviation.
I'm very excited to build upon the successes of previous WAMA presidents in the pursuits of:
  • Advancing our legislative agenda in support of our industry.
  • Providing a platform where management can address concerns affecting aviation through meetings, correspondence and conferences.
  • Grow our organization through membership and other industry organization participation.
DID I MENTION the BEST place and time to network and discuss the many prevalent issues in the aviation industry?
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the 64th Annual Wisconsin Aviation Conference in Green Bay, May 5-7, 2019!
Aviation Education Resources

Meredith Alt
Aviation Program Manager
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The Bureau of Aeronautics is pleased to offer resources to support youth and adult aviation education. 
They would love help getting the word out about the information on the site, which lists youth aviation programs in WI, resources for students and educators, scholarships available for flight training, and other things. Not posted to the website, but available upon request, we also have aviation-themed coloring pages, historical planes connect-the-dots, and aeronautical charts available for school visits, so let me know if you ever want me to send you some of those. 

For more information about these resources, visit the WisDOT  site or e mail Meredith Alt to learn more.
Airfield Operations Supervisor Achieves C.M. Designation

John Behrendt, C.M., ACE
Airfield Operations Supervisor
Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport

I recently attended the Loretta Scott, A.A.E. Accreditation/Certification Academy for the Certified Member (C.M.) designation, conducted by the American Association of Airport Executives, thanks to a generous scholarship awarded by the Wisconsin Airport Managers Association (WAMA). I would like to thank the WAMA board members for the Scholarship awarded to me and for providing me an opportunity to achieve the C.M. designation.
The week long C.M. program was extremely intense going through the four modules and work book, but it also presented a networking opportunity with fellow classmates attending the Academy.
My ten years of airport experience are mainly in airfiel d ma intenance and operations, so going  through the C.M. program educated me o n all asp ects of Airport Management. I now have a better understanding of airport regulations and where to find information on various subjects. I recommend the Certified Member program to anyone that wants to pursue a career in aviation.
Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding  the C.M. program.
Airport Operations & Land Use Seminar

The 2018 Wisconsin Airport Operations & Land Use Seminar is fast approaching. This year's seminar will be held Wednesday, October 24th and Thursday, October 25th in Stevens Point at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center.
The seminar will feature presentations by the National Association of State Aviation Officials, Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Agriculture - Wildlife Services, Bureau of Aeronautics staff, and nationally-recognized subject matter experts on commercial non-aeronautical airport developments, leasing, and minimum standards. Please see the attached information flyer  HERE   for a more comprehensive listing of presentation topics.  ONLINE  seminar registration is now available.

WAMA will once again be hosting a social at the conference on October 24th. Additional details will be provided at the conference.
WAMA Welcomes New Airport Directors
We would like to recognize and welcome the following new Airport Directors to WAMA!
Greg Cullen started as the Airport Director in JVL in November 2017. 

Matthew Leitner started as the Airport Director in RHI in April 2018.
Jim Schell started as Airport Director at OSH in April 2018.
Mary Piette was promoted to Airport Director at GRB in June 2018.

Do you have a new employee at your airport you would like us to recognize? Let us know at director@wiama.org !
Fly Wisconsin Airport Passport Program

Hal Davis, C.M.
Airport Compliance Manager
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

September 1st will mark the one-year anniversary of the Fly Wisconsin Airport Passport Program which rewards pilots and their passengers for visiting public-use airports, aviation attractions and attending safety seminars. The program is a partnership between WAMA and the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics. The program has nearly one thousand participants and is growing! Several have already completed various levels of the program. 

Congratulations to these fine aviators!

Bronze-Level (42 Airports, 1 Aviation Attraction, 1 Safety Seminar Total)
  • Russell Kinneberg
  • Nancy Lee
  • John Lee
  • Curt Morris
  • Doug Osborn
  • Dan Schmid
  • Dan Silvers
Silver-Level (84 Airports, 2 Aviation Attractions,
2 Safety Seminars Total)
  • Nancy Lee
  • John Lee
Gold-Level (127 Airports, 3 Aviation Attractions, 3 Safety Seminars Total)
  • Nancy Lee
  • John Lee 
We hope to reward many more participants in the year to come!
REMINDER - ADS-B Deadline is Jan. 1, 2020
By January 1, 2020, you must be equipped with  ADS-B Out to fly in  most controlled airspace . For more information, visit the details on the FAA website   HERE .