WAMFT Legislative Update for August:
Watch Ask the Lobbyist !

This month we are pleased to be able to share the first of a three part series, Ask the Lobbyist . We hope that you will gain insight as to what our lobbyist does and why this work is essential to our field. We encourage you to give us feedback through email [email protected] as well as Twitter @TheWamft using the hashtags #Thewamft #Wamftlegs . Your thoughts will help us shape more content in the future and help dictate what the next legislative goals will be for the upcoming year.

Lastly, please consider donating to the AAMFT Practice Protection Fund (details below). Through these funds, we are able to continue securing legislative victories and increasing the security of our field.

We hope that you enjoy this new video series!
Anthony Pennant, LMFT
Legislative Committee Chair
About the AAMFT Practice Protection Fund
The AAMFT Practice Protection Fund will be used to help pay for items related to serious threats to the profession and for major initiatives, particularly concerning threats to the MFT scope of practice. It may also be utilized for opportunities to advance the practice and scope of practice.

AAMFT is asking you to help in defending against those striking out against our profession by making a contribution to the AAMFT Practice Protection Fund. Please click here to make your donation!

Looking for more information? Visit the Practice Protection Fund website here .
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