The Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project is funded by the Department of Energy to offer training and assistance to WAP subgrantees and their associations in designing private partnerships and programs that leverage the WAP.

In May the full House of Representatives passed its first FY 2019 funding bills, including the Energy and Water Development appropriations Bill which includes $251 million for Weatherization Assistance, the same as in the current year. This is another resounding rejection of the Administration's budget which would have terminated the program.  It is important to note that the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs overall took deep cuts - $300 below the current year -by contrast.

As we write this newsletter, the Senate is still debating its version of the Bill. The Committee recommended the same figure as is in the House bill. According to the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF), additional funds are unlikely to be added in spite of an attempt by Senator Bernie Sanders, but the level funding appears safe.

Applications are open for the pilot program of the updated Energy Auditor (EA) and Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certifications, two of the Home Energy Professional (HEP) certifications.

What's Changing with the EA and QCI Certifications?
  • The HEP QCI certification will change from a full-scope certification to a small-scope micro-credential. A significant portion of a QCI's tasks are to ensure the energy audit was completed correctly and to inspect the work scope described in the energy audit. Therefore, QCI candidates will be required to hold an active BPI HEP EA certification to renew or sit for the new QCI exam.
  • The revised QCI certification exam will consist of a shorter online exam only. There will not be a field exam for the QCI certification.
  • The revised EA online and field exams have been streamlined to prevent duplicate skills and tasks.
What Does this Mean for BPI EAs and QCIs?
  • BPI has extended the expiration dates for currently certified BPI EAs and QCIs, whose expiration dates fall between 4/1/2018 and 12/31/2018, to 2/28/2019. This extension will give you an opportunity to participate in this pilot program.
CAP encourages WAP program staff to participate in this critical part of the process. DOE will pay 100% of online exam fees for the first 100 approved WAP applicants of each of the EA and QCI online exams. DOE will also subsidize 50% of the field exam fees for the first 100 approved WAP applicants taking the EA pilot field test. Eligibility details for the subsidies will be included in the application process. The subsidies are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and recipients will be notified if they will receive the subsidy in their approval letter.

Pilots of these updated EA and QCI exams will be available at participating BPI Test Centers throughout the country from August 1 st through the end of September 2018.

Participating in the pilot program is a great opportunity for EA and QCI candidates to help shape the new exams and provide immediate feedback on the pilot questions.

The new EA and QCI schemes will tentatively go into effect on March 1, 2019.

For more information, or to apply to participate in the pilot, please visit .

An Upcoming Webinar from the Project
July 10, 2018 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM CT/12:00 PM MT/ 11:00 AM PT

The Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) project brings together  affordable housing and energy efficiency advocates working to break down barriers and improve the conditions for greater multi-family retrofits. This  webinar will offer an opportunity to hear about existing issue campaigns and discover new ways for local Weatherization and Community Action Agencies to get involved.  This webinar is free, but registration is required. 


From May 10, 2018 - T his Memorandum serves to update and clarify information contained in Weatherization Program Notice (WPN) 16-5, Weatherization Assistance Program Multifamily Weatherization, effective date May 5, 2016, and how leveraged funds and buy down funds are treated in operating a local program. READ WAP MEMO 035

Extracted from DOE WAP Memo 35
How does this guidance impact current multifamily deals?

Does this guidance impact current owner contributions in small multifamily or single family rental units?

Are there specific cases in your state that require clarification?

Our team is interested in your feedback. Your questions and concerns from the local level about unique circumstances can help guide training and technical assistance on this issue. 

Energy Partnership Track August 29-31 in Denver, CO
The Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project is hosting a five-session Energy Partnerships track at this year's conference. 
  • DOE WAP Update: A Discussion with the Acting WAP Program Manager
  • Designing and Implementing Integrated Energy Assistance Programs
    • Hear from Energy Outreach Colorado on their innovative programs in the Denver area
  • Access to Solar: Project Updates and Consumer Protection Cautions
    • Updates on solar projects nationwide and considerations from the National Consumer Law Center
  • Current Utility Regulatory Issues and How You Can Respond
    • Community Action Partnership of Oregon and National Consumer Law Center share advice on how to engage on current issues
  • WAP Monitoring: The State Perspective and Ways Subgrantees Can Prepare 
    • The NASCSP team on roles, responsibilities, and strong state-subgrantee partnerships


Protecting Utility Consumers in Fast Changing Markets: The Role of WAP Organizations
Protecting Utility Consumers in Fast Changing Markets: The Role of WAP Organizations
 Presented by Elizabeth Marx of the   Pennsylvania Utility Law Project
Scope of Leveraged Dollars in the WAP Network
Scope of Leveraged Dollars in the WAP Network
 Presented by Eric Behna of NASCSP     and Natalie Kramer of CAP

Our goal as the Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project is to offer training and assistance to WAP subgrantees and their Associations in designing private partnerships and programs that leverage the WAP.

We are available to assist your local Weatherization Network in getting started with leveraging or responding to challenges in current partnerships. For assistance contact Natalie Kramer.
Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project at Community Action Partnership

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