Volume 18 | June 2019
NR151 Update

In my travels on Monday, on the way to Sunbow Farms to view a manure system, the drive across Wisconsin allowed me time reflect back on the past 4 months of meetings on NR151 for WAPAC members. 

NR151 is a rule that focuses strictly on the shallow soils areas within the northeast part of Wisconsin regarding karst soils.  This work group is composed of hydrogeologists, UW Extension, county land conservation staff, crop consultants, geologists and the department of agriculture trade and consumer protection officials. The first meeting began in February during the subzero weather and has been meeting monthly for the past 4 months. The group has invited several experts to come and discuss methods of bedrock mapping, different systems of bedrock mapping and the unique tools used to verify soil depths. These tools include the use of electrical conductivity, magnetic conductivity, seismic resistance, push probes and backhoes. We have discussed the methods that the counties, crop advisors and the Department of Transportation have been using to verify soil depth within the fields.  This schedule of meetings will last for approximately 18 meetings or more until this rule is drafted. As we enter the beginning of this process, the next few months will become important to stay tuned and ask questions of the workgroup members.

All of the meeting notes and minutes can be reviewed at the following website. Please take time to review and stay current as this process continues.  View the Standards Oversight Council link to all notes, presentations and upcoming events here.

Nathen Nysse


Attention WAPAC members! Plan to attend the University of Wisconsin’s Agronomy / Soils Field Day at the Arlington Ag Research Station on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 where you will learn about the latest agronomic and soils research, including Hemp production!  Click here for more information.

Then, stay the rest of the afternoon as WAPAC receives a tour and tasting session at the local J. Henry & Sons Bourbon farm. See, hear, smell, and taste how the Henry's turn their southern Wisconsin grown crops into award winning bourbon, which includes using a corn variety developed by the University of Wisconsin in the 1930s! The day will finish up at a local restaurant where those wishing to stay can continue to socialize over dinner. We look forward to seeing you!  

Nitrogen Management With Wet Weather Conditions, Late Season Applications

There is no need to drone on about the unprecedented rainfall pattern most of our members have been struggling through since last August. Another round of showers forecasted for this coming weekend puts an exclamation point behind the question of the status of fertilizer nitrogen that has been in the soil for almost two months now in some cases. Fall applied N from manure is a real challenge in parts of south-central Wisconsin. Between experience and applied research from our University and our neighbors to the south we can put together a strategy to address losses and rescue applications. Carrie Laboski provided this information from last summer’s discussion on this topic. 2018 Rescue N I ncluded in this article is a link to 2017 information.

Emerson Nafziger from the University of Illinois provided a good discussion earlier this month on the status of N across their state. He shared a bit of data compiled by Dan Schaefer with the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association. You may recall Dan’s presentation to our group at a winter meeting a few years ago. Please take a look at this information. The article can be found here the Bulletin .

Hopefully this provides you a bit of direction in the difficult situations with your clients.

Bill Stangel

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