Volume 08| April 17, 2018
Think Spring!
2019 WAPAC Annual Meeting & Conference

The 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference will be
Thursday and Friday, February 28-March 1, 2019
at the Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center.
May 2nd - Field Day
Please join WAPAC members, NRCS Staff, WI Geologic & Natural History Survey staff and others for a demonstration of tools to determine depth to bedrock. The Geomatics EM-31, and possibly a passive seismic system will be demonstrated and compared to Geoprobe borings.

The details of the event are still being worked out but we have the following information to share at this point.

Date: May 2 nd
Time: To be determined

Location: We will meet at the Brownsville Community Club at the corner of Hwy 49 and County Hwy Y in eastern Dodge county. We will travel to sites very close to this location. This area has areas of shallow soil over Silurian dolomite which is the focus of the recent NR151 updates.

We recognize this is a difficult time of year to hold an event but the opportunity was provided and it is up to us to react. Please make time for a portion of the day to support our outreach partners. We hope to have a follow up event in August or September.

Please watch your email for updates and details as this event comes together.
2018 Dues and Lobbying Contribution Notice

WAPAC Legislative Committee Update

Fellow WAPAC members,

As we begin our second year of working with Lobbyist Jordan Lamb, we have the opportunity to impact policy for the benefit of our farmers and for WI agriculture.

We'd like to hear from you! Please follow this link and answer a few questions that will give us a better idea how we should move forward. We truly value input from all our members.

Haily Sand - President
Nathen Nysse - President-Elect
Tom Novak - Recording Secretary
Robert Mickelson - Treasurer

Chuck Bolte
Nathan Casper
Tom Prosser
Andrew Skwor
Bill Stangel
Carrie Laboski - Ex Officio Advisor
NRCS Cooperative Soil Science Updates

On March 29 th several WAPAC members attended the NRCS annual update meeting... click HERE for the full update!
In late March, Senator Terry Moulton and Representative Lee Nerison both announced that they will not be running for re-election this coming fall. Both have been great supporters of Wisconsin agriculture in the past and WAPAC would like to thank them for their service.

Board of Directors - Member Spotlight

Nathan Casper

Greetings! My name is Nathan Casper and I am proud to be a member of WAPAC!

I was born and raised in the rural town of Adell, WI (population 517). At age 3, I started “farming” my parents' rugs and carpets with a multi-colored fleet of 1/64 th scale Ertl tractors. I liked to think I was one of the biggest operations in the county at that time! Despite running a successful “carpet farming” operation, I knew it wouldn’t be enough to pay the bills. So in September of 2005, the “farmer from Adell” left to attend UW-River Falls. I was dismayed that they didn’t offer any carpet farming degrees so I settled for a B.S. in the Crop and Soil Sciences and graduated in 2009.

Soon after, I met my future employer, Steve Hoffman, on a dark and stormy night on a rural Sheboygan County backroad (you can ask me if you would like to know more details about this story). I was intrigued by this consultant named Steve who proficiently scouted crops (and potential new agronomists) by the light of the moon, and so I joined InDepth Agronomy as an Independent Crop Consultant in 2010.

I love agriculture as a career and the profession of consulting. Every year is a new weather, weed, insect, or disease challenge! I also enjoy getting to be a part of several dynamic and progressive farming operations and seeing clients implement new technologies.

In my free time I enjoy working on my country yard, cutting firewood, spending time with my dog Jack-Jack, enjoying my siblings, and catching up on my farm magazines and journals.

I am glad to be part of WAPAC and am excited to see how we as a group can be a positive and powerful voice for our clients!
If you'd like to see something specific in our newsletter, please submit comments and suggestions to Melisa at wapac1987@gmail.com.
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