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As we enter the winter months with the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, it gives me a chance to reflect with a thankful heart on our progress this year and how the WAPI project has moved forward.

We are about to enter our 10th year of WAPI production and have achieved over 70,000 units distributed to many remote areas of the world. We just delivered 100 units to Pastor Moses Muguro in Kenya, Africa, and he distributed the WAPIs to the Kibera area residents who happens to be the largest living slum area in Africa. This could not have been done without the assistance of so many people with love and compassion for others. It is truly amazing to be part of so many wonderful caring people.
Woman in Kinera, Kenya slums. "What a joy to see the smiles when receiving
life saving WAPIs." Pastor Moses
One WAPI serves a family
no matter how large the family.
This year we connected with Gary Munk, a machinist in California. His amazing ability to assess our needs and offering help to produce new heating techniques for our WAPI production is impressive, to say the least. The future looks great and the finished product will be outstanding. Gary and his wife Pam have opened their hearts to the WAPI project.

We had an opportunity to work with Jeff Lowery of the Sellwood Faith Community Church in Portland. Pastor Jeff leads groups of young people in summer projects around the Portland area. Their group name is (LAST), Learning And Serving Together. These are dedicated young folks who want nothing more than to assist others whenever they can. We have watched their efforts reach remote areas around the world and lives are being saved through their generous efforts of unselfish acts of love. See the group photos.
Learning And Serving Togethe r
The L.A.S.T. groups came to Vancouver to help assemble and make WAPIs. Thanks to Pastor Jeff Lowery who is the tall man in the picture.
On the right side we have WAPI workers in the gray shirts. 
Click on link for August 2019 WAPI's email to read and see more of L.A.S.T. organization.
As you read this article, consider putting a group of volunteers together or make a contribution toward our efforts to serve others in need. Please remember, every 22 seconds a child dies from water borne disease across the world. The WAPI does make a difference and with your help we are making a difference, one life at a time. We are a registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Every dollar received goes right back in to supplies.

I have had the opportunity to be involved with so many wonderful people who give generously of their time and effort to help this project move forward. It humbles me to be part of such a marvelous Humanitarian family.
With Warmest Regards,
Bob Tait
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  • If you would like a WAPI for your emergency kit, you may purchase one or more for $2.00 each. Also, we package larger orders of 50 for $100. To order please respond to Margo at margoWAPI@gmail com or Bob at WAPIsfortheWorld@gmail.com
  • If you are in need of clean water, call and we will send you a WAPI for FREE.
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When to use a WAPI?
  • When camping, hunting, bicycling or hiking on the back roads.
  • When your city says to boil your water, WAPI your water instead.
  • Everyone should have a WAPI in their emergency pack. 
  • WAPIs are used in the process of pasteurizing water as well as juice and milk.
A non-profit 501(c)3 ministry
assisting globally with clean and healthy water for survival .
WAPI, an acronym for Water Pasteurization Indicator, is needed and used in
developing countries and impoverished communities including the United States.
We teach villagers how to use the WAPI for clean water, personal hygiene and sanitation.  

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