An Ethiopia woman checking the progress of
the pasteurization of the water with the WAPI.
WAPIs for the World!
A non-profit 501(c)3 ministry assisting globally with safe and healthy water for survival. WAPI, an acronym for Water Pasteurization Indicator, is needed and used in developing countries and impoverished communities including the US. We teach villagers how to use the WAPI for safe water, personal hygiene and sanitation. 
A Gift of Life Through Safe Water!"
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WAPI — Water Pasteurization Indicator
WAPIs for the World began training people on how to use the WAPI by making small outside fires. Now the world’s consciousness is growing in momentum with the need for clean/safe water. One of our photos, Mike Maksimowicz, shows heating water with a solar cooker which removes the need for fuel.

Our motto is A Gift of Life through Safe Water! Putting safety first, our WAPIs are constructed with very durable Polycarbonate tubing and Stainless steel wire that can be immersed in water. Each one is hand made and rechecked for quality assurance.

The WAPI is extremely useful for people who currently boil water to make it safe for drinking. The WAPI clearly indicates when a safe pasteurization temperature has been reached. This will save fuel which is being wasted by excessive heating, deforestation and urban air pollution. 

Sterilization kills all the organisms in water while the lower temperature of pasteurization kills only those organisms that can cause harm to humans. It also preserves the minerals for the body to utilize. 

It is necessary to educate people about the need for safe water through pasteurization. Among many people in the developing world, clean/safe water is not perceived as being important. Since many people do not understand how germs are transmitted; many cases have been reported where people unthinkingly re-contaminate their safe water by putting it into a unsanitary container, handle the container with unclean hands or pass fecal material from person to person. This is why we teach sanitation as well.

When to use the WAPI?
Everyone should have a WAPI in their emergency pack. 
When camping, hunting, bicycling or hiking on the back roads.
When your city says to boil your water, pasteurize instead.
WAPIs are used in the process of pasteurizing water as well as juices, cow, goat and other milks.
Our goal is to help create healthy communities through the Gift of Safe Water.
Online picture, Sudan, Africa.
Some villages in the Bush cook in beehive ovens and various kinds of kettles over an open fire.
Beehive oven in Hondorus, Open fire pit in Africa, Hanging pot Zambia, Fire pit Kenya.
The ending photos show the daily use of the WAPI. 
It is our goal for villagers to be able to pasteurize without an open fire.
Mexican kitchen, Honduras kitchen stove, WAPI heating in solar panel, Myanmar, Central Asia.
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