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November 2019

Hello Everyone!

There are lots of opportunities to connect with your city to continue making it the best place to live, play, raise a family or age in place.

This weekend I joined a group of residents that participated in a walking tour to get a first-hand view of the areas that the re-examined policies for downtown address. It was very informative and we even had a few laughs.

Working together means that not every form of engagement is for everyone, that's why there are a variety of opportunities, from newsletters like this to social media, action labs, surveys, coffee, Ward 2 Community Updates and everything in between! It's important to know that your voice will be heard and your feedback valued.

I know that it is frustrating when your recommendations or feedback aren't reflected in the outcome of a decision, however, your input is respected and where there are limitations or other constraints these are made known.

It was clear that the conversation about the downtown policies are still being debated passionately, and I am so thankful for that, but at the same time, if there is an area you want more action on, we can do that with other means. I'm always here to listen, understand, and work to ensure your voice is at the forefront of decision making.
We are back to Committee Agenda cycle next week. You are invited to be part of our commitment to public engagement and bring your voice to the forefront of decision making. There are so many opportunities t o Get Involved ! More in the newsletter on how were making it easier for you.

For a complete listing of the upcoming agenda items, visit the City's Calendar .
What's Happening at Committee and Council Meetings?

 Regular items below will be discussed at Standing Committee Meetings. Committee begins at 9:30 a.m. and if required 6:30 p.m., we first hear delegations by our residents - the people we serve. City meetings are live webcasted, giving everyone the option to attend in person or view online.  
Committee of the Whole
 November 4th, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.
Planning and Development Committee
November 5th, 2019 - 9:30 a.m.
Planning and Development Committee
November 5th, 2019 - 6:30 p.m.
Planning and Development Committee
 November 12th, 2019 - 6:30 p.m.
The complete Standing Committee Agend as can be found here .

Following are my comments on some of the above agenda items.
Citizen Advisory Committee Review (CL-15-19)

This report outlines a new structure to solicit community member expertise and general public feedback on helping to shape the policies through improved resident engagement.

Again, putting the commitment of the Vision to Focus area of "Building More Citizen Engagement" into action - this review and restructuring will set us apart in a renewed way to provide good governance in an engaging city. In simple terms, we are cleaning up legacy committees, aligning new committees with our Council priorities and empowering residents to provide advice to Council.

The report is mainly technical but the overall recommendations will help deliver new voices, new ways to connect and collaborate with your city, better financial controls, and improved tools to give advice on policy and program matters. This is good news and builds on my commitment to get City Hall working for you.

It is with great anticipation that this review brings to life the Waterfront Committee. The lands around our waterfront are very significant and I believe signal a true gem of our City. There has been great interest from residents to join this Advisory Committee, please send me your interest if this is something you wish to be involved in.

While we may require Committee nominations, it is likely that I will be the appointed Council member to this Committee that will recommend policies to enhance and preserve Burlington's shoreline.

Waterfront Committee will be structured under the Heritage, Sustainability & Environment Advisory Committee.

I will be putting a motion forward to retain the Downtown Parking Committee (DPC) as an "Other" Committee as a geographically focused and has a specifically Defined Parking Area Levy contributed to by local businesses to support downtown parking infrastructure. I am the appointed Council Representative for this Committee and support this approach. I will seek DPC comments at the next meeting on November 14th.

Overall, this is a positive shift in residents connecting back with City Hall. I look forward to new ways to engage a greater number of voices and leverage the expertise many of our community members hold. There will be great opportunities to give back and contribute to our community through these new committees.
I will be putting a motion forward to retain the Downtown Parking Committee (DPC) as an "Other" Committee as the DPC is geographically focused and has a specifically Defined Parking Area Levy contributed to by local businesses to support downtown parking infrastructure. I am the appointed Council Representative for this Committee and support this approach. I will seek DPC comments at the next meeting on November 14th.

Overall, this is a positive shift in residents connecting back with City Hall. I look forward to new ways to engage a greater number of voices and leverage the expertise many of our community members hold. There will be great opportunities to give back and contribute to our community through these new committees.
Financial Plan for Vision to Focus

Vision to Focus - updated version now available . What is the 2018 to 2022 Plan: From Vision to Focus (V2F)?

This is the City’s work plan that prioritizes key strategic directions from Burlington’s long-term 25-year Strategic Plan . It details key goals and strategic actions required to move these priorities forward during this term of Council. 

We now need to fund the priorities that were identified and deliver a financial plan on the implementation of the V2F. A plan without dedicated resources is doomed to fail. This report sets out priority investments to complete plans and reports within the next four years.

There are 75 initiatives in total with some complete or transitioned, leaving 51 key reports/initiatives including:
  • Adopted Official Plan
  • Mobility Hub Plans
  • Climate Change Aciton Plan
  • Urban Forestry Management Plan
  • Transit Business Plan
  • and more.

Budget 2020 deliberations will take into account the Strategic Plan Reserve Fund with an uncommitted $707K, the proposed 2020 Budget Initiatives, and advocating for funding that supports the funding options for the 12 unfunded initiatives requiring $4.7 million. There is more work to do as we push forward with delivering on the Council Key Actions while maximizing a long-term budget and forecast.

What this means? Investment is needed to achieve the specific goals we set out to accomplish. We need to be careful with every penny to maximize resources. We also must commit to knowing when the investment contributes to our community well-being. We cannot put off work that was left undone, and we must also be accountable and transparent to the community.

Stay tuned to the upcoming Budget 2020 Operations & Capital sessions for more. Tell me what is important to you.

Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT)

It is estimated that nearly a million and a half visitors come to Burlington annually spending $101 million dollars. There are 1,889 tourism businesses and 24,491 tourism jobs in Burlington. 

Investing in tourism allows Burlington to welcome visitors while also directly sharing in the revenues that are generated. We have an opportunity to raise $750,000 to $1 million where half can be invested in Tourism Burlington for enhanced tourism development and promotion, with the other half for investment options that include Local Boards, Burlington Team, City Initiatives, collaborative projects and many other attractions to benefit visitors and residents.

Comments: There are four options for funding distribution if the MAT is approved. I am taking these under careful review but want to share this with you now. It is important that we work together with all stakeholders on the implementation of this tax. It is also important that when our community is used for hosting nearly 8 times our population in visitors in a given year, that we ensure a funding source can continue to promote and support Burlington as a world class destination where people, nature, and business thrive.
Budget 2020 - Proposed Overview


There is a lot to cover in this report. Here are the key points and watch for a special Budget Newsletter coming soon. LINK TO REPORT

The 2020 proposed budget strikes a balance between identifying efficiencies, leveraging non-tax based revenue sources, revising service levels, and continuing to build towards long-term financial sustainability through additional investment in infrastructure renewal. Overall, the 2020 budget ensures the city’s strong financial position is maintained and residents receive the programs and services they value.

So far the overall tax rate is posted at 2.44% (City + School + Region) - with the proposed City potion at a tax rate increase of 4%.

A line-by-line service review delivered a budget reduction savings of $1.02 million. This is part of the ongoing effectiveness and efficiencies that the City undertakes annually. We must balance the budget by law, and a considerable amount will be underway in the coming months. There is a focus this year on preserving and growing the reserve funds, increasing revenues and operational savings.

See below for the Budget Change and Impact and the Budget Process.

From last newsletter: Budget planning is well underway, and Council discussions will be soon be upon on us. This is where you come in.
E-mail your thoughts on city spending; specifically what municipal services are important to you, what you feel should be the priorities.

My role is to bring forward community driven budget requests, these will be incorporated or modified into the 2020 budget or deferred to a future budget.
More to come in the November Newsletter.

We will need to make very strategic financial decisions this year. I will be keeping a strong hold on the reserve funds and aligning budget decisions to the Vision to Focus Strategic Business Plan 2018-2022.

Follow  Getinvolvedburlington.ca   for updates and discussion about the 2020 budget. For more information, visit Budget .
What's Happening at City Hall
City Hall Updates
from the October 28th Council meeting
  • City-Wide Private Tree Bylaw Implementation - Report RPF-15-19 was reviewed and discussed at the October 7th Committee of the Whole Meeting. This matter will be considered at the Committee of the Whole on December 2, 2019, as a final report that includes implementation methods including potential operating and capital budget impacts and will be voted on during the December 16, 2019, regular meeting of Council.

  • Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) - update on post-secondary attraction for Burlington (CM-16-19).

  • Free Little Libraries - Staff will review and develop a policy for the installation and upkeep of 'Free Little Libraries' and will report back in 2020.

  • Fireworks - Fire Chief has ability to grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis regarding fireworks for additional religious and cultural events (MO-16-19).

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program update (IT-05-19).
Regional Review

The Provincial Government has decided not to impose changes in size or structure to municipal governments.

The Regional review included 8500 submissions, 9 in person sessions, 100 individuals and organizations - strong consultation response.

What they heard is that local communities want to decide what is best for them realted to governance, service delivery and decision making. 

The Provincial Government will provide funding to local municipalities to help lower costs and improve services for residents over the long-term.

Taking a Closer Look at Downtown Burlington

Whether by participating in a city -hosted workshop/citizen action lab, completing a survey and/or through e-mail, thank you to many of you who have provided your input and comments into the Taking a Closer Look at the Downtown Official Plan Re-examination project.

Here is what we set out to do:

  • Assess the role and function of the downtown bus terminal and the Burlington GO station on Fairview Street as Major Transit Station Areas
  • Examine the planning structure, land use mix and intensity for the lands identified in the study area
  • Update the Official Plan and Zoning bylaw regulations as needed for the lands identified in the study area. 

Here's where we address the risks to this project and ask Staff for options to ensure that planning reflects participant input:

Direct the Director of City Building to modify the terms of reference upon confirmation of impacts related to Bill 108 and other Provincial changes to the land use planning and development system, if required; and

Direct the Director of City Building, after the conclusion of the studies conducted as part of (1) the scoped re-examination of the policies of the adopted Official Plan and (2) Interim Control By-law 10-2019 as amended (21-2019), to report on any changes to the Urban Growth Centre and Major Transit Station Area designations applicable to Burlington's downtown and the Burlington GO Station that could be recommended as a result of any proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments arising out of the studies; CARRIED / Minutes

Here's where we are at today:

City-wide Mail-out - a flyer was mailed out the week of October 14th t o all households across the city. The flyer includes information about the Taking a Closer Look at the Downtown project, promotes public participation in this fall’s engagement period, and encourages people to vis it Get Involved Burlington to learn more and have their say.
Public Engagement in October-November - Pu blic engagement on the two preliminary land use concepts began the week of October 21st including the two Public Workshops/Action Labs on October 23 and November 2.

Visit me at a pop-up table. Dates/times are being confirmed but over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be hosting a pop-up table at various locations in the downtown where you can come chat about our downtown and the 2 concepts presented.  Watch for the schedule on my Ward 2 webpage at burlington.ca/ward2.
Following are the 2 concepts presented:

While the overall vision for the downtown remains the same for each concept, the two proposed concepts are distinct and provide different ways in which to achieve the overall vision.
Concept 1
Vision: Low Rise transitioning to
Mid Rise - an opportunity for an
eclectic Brant Main Street.
Concept 1 respects the low-rise built form character by permitting only up to three-storey buildings along Lower Brant and parts of Lakeshore and extends it through Mid Brant.

The low-rise permission provides an opportunity for greater number of existing buildings to be maintained along Brant Street, while any new low-rise buildings will allow for greater flexibility in store sizes and unique store fronts, which provides the ability to maintain the eclectic look and feel that creates the unique sense of place of Brant Street.

Mid-rise building are directed to John Street and taller buildings are directed to precincts north of Caroline Street and within parts of the Downtown East Precinct north of the Elgin Promenade.
Concept 2
Vision: Mid Rise - an opportunity for
an increased pedestrian realm
and open spaces.
Concept 2 provides for a renewal of the Downtown through a low-mid risebuilt form along Lower Brant and Mid Brant and mid-rise built form along parts of Lakeshore.

This 'in between' scale of buildings provides a human scale, walkable public realm that will provide opportunities for future gathering places and open space, through potential additional setbacks and privately-owned publicly accessible open spaces (POPS) along the vibrant streetscapes.

The taller mid-rise buildings allow for wider sidewalks and more open space at the street through greater building setbacks. Taller buildings are directed to precincts north of Caroline Street and within the Downtown East Precinct.
Learn more:
  • Review the workbook presented at the workshops.
  • Review the supporting materials for the public engagement period, including the descriptions and visuals of the two concepts presented at Get Involved Burlington.
  • Complete the survey (to be launched the week of October 28th) and will be located on the Get Involved Burlington website.
Here's what's next:

December 2019 - At the December 5 Committee of the Whole Workshop, staff will present findings from the October-November public engagement period and share preliminary directions on how to address public input as staff move from the two preliminary land use concepts towards a recommended land use concept. This meeting will be Council’s opportunity to have the final word on the two preliminary concepts. There will also be an opportunity for public delegations.
January 2020: Decision Point 1 - In January 2020, staff will present a recommended land use concept for downtown to Council.
March 2020: Decision Point 2 - Staff will present a recommendation for detailed modifications to the downtown policies of the Adopted Official Plan. Council will make a decision about what policy modifications to endorse. The policy modifications endorsed by Council will then be sent to Halton Region for approval along with the rest of the Adopted Official Plan. 
Brief Updates:

  • Burlington Transit - Effective Sunday, November 3, 2019, Burlington Transit will be making some additional changes. Visit Schedule Changes for more details.

  • Buses stopping on Fairview Street - A couple of residents have asked why Burlington Transit buses are stopping along Fairview Street, near the Burlington GO Station. Our Director of Transit shares that the buses are stopping on Fairview Street as Metrolinx did not construct the number of bays Burlington Transit requested on the south side of the GO Station. The city will be constructing lay-bys on Fairview Street so that the buses can pull out of a live traffic lane. Construction is scheduled for Spring 2020.

  • City's Website - Do you find it difficult to find information about development and construction on the city's website? My office has been the driving force of improvements to make it easier for residents to find information about development applications, construction and road restrictions. Read more.

  • The City's Loose-Leaf Collection Program starts on Monday, November 4th. The first leaf pickup for Ward 2 starts the week of Monday, Nov. 18, followed by the second leaf pickup the the week of Monday, Dec. 2, weather permitting. Learn more.

  • Neighbourhood Matching Fund - Applications are now being accepted, up to $10,000 is available for each project. Learn more.

  • Noise - In response to residents' concerns about noisy vehicles as well as the excessive use of air horns at outdoor events, Council recently passed the following motion: Direct the Director of City Building to amend Nuisance and Noise By-Law 19-2003 to include language that prohibits the use of air horns at all public events; and Direct the Director of Transportation, in partnership with Halton Regional Police Service to report back on the results of the Halton Regional Police Service’s blitz on excessively noisy moving vehicles this summer/fall. The results of the blitz will help inform additional measures that can be taken to enforce and reduce excessive noise in our community. Read the report.

  • Service Review Survey - Leaf collection, winter maintenance and pre-building permit process - we are seeking your input on these services. Complete the online survey here. Survey closes November 4th.
What's Happening in Ward 2
Ward 2 Community Update
  • Held October 17 at the AGB.
  • View the presentation.
  • Further discussion included pedestrian crossings for the Centennial bike path, Spencer Smith Park/shoreline protection, development charges and Brant Street/Lakeshore Road intersection.
Planning + Development
For a complete listing of current development projects, visit Ward 2 Projects .
2093, 2097 & 2101 Old Lakeshore Road
2096 & 2100 Lakeshore Road
The City has received applications to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law for the above subject lands.

  • 27-storey mixed-use building
  • 310 units, and 3 commercial units on the ground floor
  • Privately-owned, public accessible open space on the west side
  • Site access from Lakeshore Road, with a service lane along the east side of the site.
  • Service lane to include access to four levels of underground parking.
  • Existing heritage building on the site is proposed to be retained and integrated with the proposed development.
Status: You are invited to a Statutory Public Meeting to consider the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications for 2093, 2097 and 2101 Old Lakeshore Road and 2096 and 2100 Lakeshore Road. This meeting will take place on:

  • November 5, 2019
  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Burlington City Hall - Council Chambers, Level 2, 426 Brant Street

View the staff report - note that no decisions about this application have been made. The staff report does not include a recommendation on the application at this time. A recommendation report will be presented to the Planning and Development Committee in the future.

Speaking at the Meeting - you may register i n advance to speak at the meeting (however registration is not mandatory).

My comments: This development is excessive in height, density and compatibility. Many residents have written my office with concerns that include: traffic, parking, access to the waterfront, view to the waterfront, lack of housing affordability options, risk of privately-owned green space changed from public use to to private due to condo corporation decisions, wind tunnelling and shadows, and especially overall compatibility issues with the current official plan and zoning. Virtually no changes have been made to the proposed site following a neighbourhood meeting. For this significant piece of waterfront land, we need to do better on this.

I will not be supporting this application for the reasons above and encourage any additional delegations to address P&D Committee.
2421-2431 New Street
The City has received the revised application for the development of the property located at 2421-2431 New Street.

  • two (2) joined 11-storey buildings comprised of a seniors' retirement home and a residential apartment building.
  • Both buildings will be terraced down to six (6) storeys at the north.
  • Three levels of underground parking.
Status: You are invited to a Public Meeting to consider the recommendation report concerning this application. This meeting will take place on:

  • November 12, 2019
  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Burlington City Hall - Council Chambers, Level 2, 426 Brant Street

View the staff report - Community Planning staff has reviewed these applications along with the comments received from the public and technical agencies to date. Staff are recommending modified approval requiring additional setbacks to the City's Planning and Development Committee Meeting of Council.

Speaking at the Meeting - you must register i n advance to speak at the meeting.

Learn more at 2421-2431 New Street .
Construction Development Projects - Status

Learn the status of each of the following projects - two of which are already underway. 374 Martha Street (Adi Development Group) - Site Plan Engineering staff advise that the subject Site Plan Application is still under review.

If you have any questions/concerns about a construction project in your area, v isit Construction in Your Neighbourhood to learn more about who to call regarding concerns about noise, dust, vibration, construction road closures, parking concerns, construction site conditions, plus more.
City & Region Ward 2 Construction Projects

  • Lakeshore Road from Nelson Avenue to Locust Street.
  • Currently underway - includes asphalt path replacement with concrete path - south boulevard, storm sewer repairs, sidewalk repairs - north boulevard and curb and gutter repairs.
  • Mid-Oct. to early Nov., work includes asphalt milling and paving, maintenance hole adjustments and lane marking.
  • Completion Nov. 2019.

Pearl and Pine - Road Resurfacing
  • Includes rehabilitation of the road surface of each Pearl and Pine Streets.
  • As required, curb and sidewalk repairs/replacement.
  • Nearly complete, with pavement markings and sod restoration underway.
  • Project completed on time.
  • Contact: Frank Vuk at 905 335-7600, ext. 7773 or e-mail Frank
  • Complete and ready for your enjoyment and healthy active living.
  • Snow clearing? City staff confirm that this new pathway will be included on the snow removal list. Generally, clearing is completed within 48 hours after the snow has stopped falling; however, it may take 72 hours or more to clear all sidewalks and pathways during heavy or back-to-back snowfalls.
  • Lighting? Staff advise that the city typically does not light multi-use paths. Understandably, there are numerous factors to consider including: capital and operating cost, impacts to surrounding neighbours and safety.
  • Installation of a new 300mm watermain along Truman, from Churchill Avenue to 70m north of Churchill Avenue.
  • Existing watermain along the Hydro One corridor easement will be removed.
  • Construction tentatively scheduled to begin in winter/spring 2020.
My comments: The above Capital Works/Halton Region projects are not just about construction. They are investments in infrastructure, service delivery improvements and building complete communities that maintain the high qualify of life that we all expect and enjoy. From road resurfacing to help improve traffic flow and safety to watermain upgrading to maintain access to clean, safe drinking water and service growth, these projects will ensure longevity to our infrastructure.

Your patience and understanding with the various City and Halton Region construction projects is appreciated.
Community Events
Remembrance Day
Monday, November 11th

Lest we Forget.
An honour to have one of the first Remembrance Day Poppies pinned by the Burlington Legion Branch 60 in honour of those who have served for our freedom. In gratitude.

This Remembrance Day please remember those who fought for our freedom is a pillar of our Canadian identity. Please join us in reflecting and remembering at the Services below.
Downtown Burlington Community Lunches at St. Luke's

Always a delight to join the Downtown Burlington Community Lunch at St. Luke’s Church Hall. Everyone is invited for conversation and good food. No reservation is needed except for the Christmas lunch on Dec. 18. The lunch is free, although donations are welcome.

Thank you to our community churches for their assistance in bringing people together whilst helping to address food insecurity and isolation. Thank you to the following churches who all contribute to the cost of the lunch and provide the volunteers. The hard work and efforts of the volunteers is commendable and makes our community a great caring place.

  • St. John’s Catholic Church
  • Burlington Baptist Church
  • Knox Presbyterian
  • St. Luke's Anglican Church

Lunches at St. Luke's Hall are on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays from 11:30-1:30, September to June. Doors open at 11:30 and lunch is served at noon.

My recent visit to the community lunch included a pop-up market through Halton Region connecting farmers to residents through local produce at a great price! Why buy local?

  • Local fruit and vegetables are healthy choices and taste great because they retain valuable nutrients and flavours.
  • Buying products close to home is good for the environment, since we use less energy for transportation, refrigeration, processing and packaging.
  • Picking your own fruit and vegetables and participating in other farm activities are great exercise.
  • Buying from local farms supports the local economy, helps keep farms in business, and also creates local jobs.

Connect to the people who produce the food you eat, grow plants for your garden and offer entertaining ways that you, your family and your friends can be active together. Farms and farmers' markets are vibrant, lively places to socialize and learn about the importance of agriculture.
Upcoming Events

Oct. 31 - Trick or Treat, it's Halloween!
Nov. 2 - Workshop/Action Lab, " Taking a Closer Look at the Downtown "
Nov. 2 - Meet Anne-Marie Chagnon at the AGB Shop
Nov. 2 - Dutch-Indonesian Food & Games Night, Burlington Seniors' Centre
Nov. 11 - Remembrance Day
Nov. 15 - Joseph Brant Museum Home School Program - Family and
Nov. 16 - Joseph Brant Museum, History Explorers Club - Architecture
Nov. 20 - Dec. 21 - Festival of Trees
Nov. 29 - Candlelit Stroll
Nov. 29 - A Dickens of an Evening , Burlington Baptist Church
Nov. 29 - Jan. 10 - Lakeside Festival of Lights
Nov. 30 - Christmas Market, St. Luke's Anglican Church
Dec. 7 - Santa 5k Run

Of note:
Note: For a full listing of city meetings and events subscribe to the city calendar and receive a weekly email providing you with a list of what's coming up. If you belong to a community organization and would like to add an event to the calendar, quickly create an account and you're all set to start adding events. Visit the City Calendar to register your organization.
Our Health + Environment
Climate Action Plan
Information Session

The city's Sustainable Development Advisory Commitee is hosting a free event whereby all are invited to hear about city projects and initiatives city staff are working on with respect to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to our new climate.

There will be five presentations followed by Q&As:
  • Climate Change Projections and Impacts in Burlington 
  • City Actions on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 
  • Energy Management – City Facilities 
  • Forestry 
  • Stormwater Management

When and where?
  • Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (Doors open at 6 p.m.)
  • Burlington Public Library, Central Branch, 2331 New Street

Learn more here , including registering for this event.
Generation Green

Are you or do you know a Halton youth in grade seven to 12 interested in learning about climate action in a fun, engaging and interactive way?

If so, check out the  Generation Green Youth Un-conference  designed by youth for youth.

What's involved?
  • Engage in climate action leadership
  • Be empowered to make change and take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Halton
  • Help us track and measure our impact and report back next Spring (2020)

When and where?
  • November 22, 2019 (PD Day)
  • 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Sheridan College Conference Centre, 1400 Trafalgar Rd., Oakville
Love My Playground

The City will be replacing 15 park playgrounds over the next two years, subject to budget approval.

Central Park is included on the list as a candidate for future park improvements, and families who live near the park will be invited to complete an online survey and provide their input and thoughts about features they would like for their new playground. The results of the survey will be used to design the playgrounds.

For more information, visit Get Involved Burlington.
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week
November 1-7

The City's Fire Chief reminds us that November 1-7 is Ontario’s Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. With the return of cooler weather, you (if you are like me) have probably turned on the furnace at home ... which means it’s also time to think about Carbon Monoxide (CO) in your home.

What is CO? is a poisonous gas that you cannot hear, see, smell or taste. It is called "silent killer". It is produced by the incomplete burning of fuels like natural gas, propane, heating oil, kerosene, coal, charcoal or wood due to inadequate air.  In enclosed spaces like your home, cottage or vehicle, even a small amount of CO is dangerous and can be life threatening . Learn more .
Closing Comments
Ward 2 Community Update meeting:
As always, everyone welcome.

Thursday, December 5th
7 p.m. - 9 p.m. - Doors open at 6:30
Presentation followed by Q&A Session
Art Gallery of Burlington - 1333 Lakeshore Road

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Thank you for your support! It’s a pleasure to bring your voice forward as we work together to make our Burlington the best place to live, work and play!

Lisa Kearns
Ward 2 Councillor
City of Burlington & Region of Halton

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