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Summer 2019

Hello Everyone!

NEWS FLASH - Just about to send this newsletter and received this amazing news: Maclean's Magazine has ranked Burlington as the best community in Canada & the best city in Canada to raise a family ! We certainly take pride and are proud of our city - a great place to live, work and play.

We are at the halfway mark into summer holidays, and I hope you have all taken some time to enjoy all our wonderful City has to offer.

While the Council and Committee meetings are on recess until the very busy September cycle, there is lots happening to prepare for the conversations, engagement, and decisions ahead.

A few of the agenda items were tabled at Committee for initial consultation, then we will hear delegations and receive community feedback at the September meetings. This provides a greater opportunity for input on the recommendations and time to review by all interested parties. To delegate on these items, please visit Delegation Registration.

Agenda items include:
  • Downtown Streetscape Guidelines (PB-50-19)
  • Construction and Mobility Management Policy (CW-27-19)
  • Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force Recommendations (MO-06-19)

Connecting you with City Hall is a top priority for myself and Council. We have worked hard to deliver on pre-engagement opportunities, citizen action labs, mapped out engagement plans, more Get Involved surveys, and being out in the community to hear from residents first hand. There is much more work to do and we are up for the task!

Construction is happening and my office has led the charge on improving how you can access information about current construction projects. Now live, the Ward 2 Developments page gives you tools to understand what's happening in your community - from preparation to construction. See more in this newsletter about pre-construction information meetings for upcoming approved development projects.

The best way to connect to all the City has to offer is to enjoy outside, have fun and be safe! Have a look at ways to stay cool here on the CHCH Morning News feature !

Happy Summer,
Lisa Kearns

Top Stories
Construction and Mobility Management Plan
Our city is reviewing new construction and mobility management policy guidelines which will have tough new controls that will restrict what developers can do when it comes to closing public roads and sidewalks in support of projects. The policy, which will be back before council in September, would require developers to pay a deposit when damage to public infrastructure may occur.
The construction and mobility management plan will aim to:

  • minimize the impacts to sidewalks, cycling facilities, parking and streets.
  • provide consistency in staff's review and approvals.
  • successfully manage multiple developments, potentially in close proximity, while maintaining an active city for residents and businesses, and
  • coordinate private development with planned construction by the City, Region and utilities.
My comments at the July Committee of the Whole meeting:

" We are looking to take back our city. We have made a commitment to active transportation — this is a direct show of that commitment. We can no longer have our streets held hostage. Our taxpayers pay for those streets. They pay for those roads. They are there streets and roads. Construction and development is certainly possible without the impediments forced on the community.
Pre-Construction Information Meetings
The construction management plan is an opportunity for public consultation that can occur independent of the site plan approval process. With respect to the 374 Martha Street and 421 Brant Street approved projects (follow below), the construction management plan has been circulated through city staff across many departments and is at a point where there is enough information to share with the community.

There is opportunity for public input on the construction that is happening. Much of the overall construction management plan is technical, and city staff have brought the priorities of the community to the forefront, for example, no closing sidewalks or roads for an extended period of time.

Through the Q&A at these pre-construction information meetings, any questions that haven't been addressed by the draft construction management plan can be asked and comments can be included for the final plan.

Any perception that I am working to promote the developer is false and harmful to the work ahead. I am in fact working through the developer(s) for the community. I have been pleased with the willingness to collaborate on providing these non-mandatory Community Pre-Construction Information Meetings, and additional information to be posted on the city's website under Current Development Projects.

There is no guidebook for this, and Burlington Downtown has never had three tall buildings approved (ADI, 26 storeys; Carriage Gate, 23 storeys, and The Molinaro Group, 22 storeys) start construction within the same period of time. All while the Bridgewater development of 22 storeys, 7 storeys, and 8 storeys of mixed-use/hotel on Lakeshore Road between Elizabeth Street and Pearl Street continues towards completion. Al four developments are happening within an approximate 1 km distance.

There are no policy tools or options to exercise that will stop the approved developments. The Interim Control Bylaw cannot stop previously approved developments, only freeze in process and new applications.

I have heard the community loud and clear and will continue to stand tall on the right side of the issues and strongly bring residents voices forward. I have been firm on my stand that our city should be in control of height and density - exclusively, we need to respect and complete our own regulations that have been set to control growth.

I have met / continue to meet with immediate residents and businesses to share and hear what is important to consider for well planned and purposefu upcoming construction. These open information meetings contribute to a connected community and the opportunity to learn more.

Working for the better, together, doesn't mean giving up on moving our city forward in a way that reflects residents values. It means coming together and doing our best to understand the change happening around us.
Adi Developments - 374 Martha St.
Proposed Development
  • Revised Official Plan and Rezoning applications to permit a 26-storey condominium building with 240 units and 423 m2 commercial space. 
  • Six levels of underground parking
  • Driveway access is from Martha Street. 
  • Retail units front onto Lakeshore Road.
421 - 431 Brant Street - 421 Brant Street Inc.
Proposed Development
  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment applications to permit a 27-storey (including a 1-storey rooftop amentity area) mixed-use building with 183 residential units, 1,327 square metres of office space and 966 square metres of commercial retail space
  • Four levels of underground parking
  • Car access from John Street
  • Commercial/retail units with front windows facing on to Brant Street and James Street
2018-2022 Burlington's Plan

The 2018 to 2022 Burlington Plan: From Vision to Focus was recently approved by Council. This work plan prioritizes key strategic direction from Burlington’s long-term 25-year Strategic Plan and details key goals and actions required to move priorities forward during this term of Council. Click on the photo to learn more.

My comments: This is a major step in capturing and delivering action on the priorities that are important to you. Across five pillars this five year plan will drive budget decisions, resource focus areas, and deliver on a city that is focused in its decision making. I personally feel this document captures the strong elements that are important to maintain and enhance our unparalleled quality of life, while working in partnership with our community to address our changing city. I am most pleased with the targets and measurement tools that will let us know if we are on track, or where we need to work harder. Thank you for being part of this journey through your conversations and input into the Strategic Plan. Together, we will deliver trusted, effective, and efficient services.
Downtown Streetscape Guidelines

Council is reviewing new guidelines for streets within the geography of the Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA). The guidelines will be considered at the Sept.10, 2019 meeting of the planning and development committee. Click on the above photo to learn more.

My comments: The last four years have shown little improvements to the Downtown Streetscape. Sidewalks are left cracked where the red brick runs, trees have not been replanted, street lights have not been repainted, bike racks are not installed in a thoughtful manner, and benches are sporadic and varied. This needs attention, now. We know that its important to keep our charm and heritage feel through the core and neighbourhoods, while defining Lakeshore. We are finally in a progressive place and I do commend staff for the years of work and engagement on this, starting in 2015. There is some fine tuning required to get this perfect, but the finish line is in sight to create a complete downtown experience.
Pedestrian Crosswalks
The Province of Ontario has amended the Highway Traffic Act to introduce a new form of traffic control giving the right-of-way to pedestrians at marked pedestrian crossovers. The city has several locations that could benefit from pedestrian crossovers, including numerous multi-use trail crossings and pathway connections.
My comments: We need on demand pedestrian crossing on Brant Street. I have brought this to Staff's attention and advocated for this. You may recall that I attended the FCM Conference and spent time "trying out" this great technology. "Wait for Gap" simply isn't working and we need to do better for those crossing Brant Street. The pedestrian crossings noted below came from 2019 Budget discussions as part of an overall traffic improvement plan. There is a Staff Report forthcoming that will provide recommendations on safer crosswalks through James Street as well. Stay tuned.

The following potential Ward 2 locations for pedestrian crossovers are currently being reviewed by staff:

  • Elizabeth St @ Elgin Promenade
  • Martha St @ Centennial Bikeway
  • Pearl St @ Elgin Promenade      
  • Hager Avenue and Baldwin Road
  • Brant St – various downtown locations
Halton Region
2020 Budget Directions
During its July 10 meeting, regional council approved the 2020 budget directions report , setting the stage for staff to prepare the tax-supported budget with an increase at or below the rate of inflation (or two per cent).

The Report provides guidelines to staff to maintain existing service levels for Regional programs with identified pressures, including recent Provincial funding announcements. These guidelines also aim to keep property tax increases at or below the rate of inflation (2.0 per cent).
Resolution to Eliminate LPAT
Local Planning is the best Planning.
At its recent Council meeting, Halton Regional Council unanimously
supported and passed a resolution brought forward to eliminate the
Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).

Highlights from the motion include:

  • The LPAT adds cost and delays delivery of affordable housing.
  • In the short term, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing should immediately restore the amendments to the Planning Act that mandated the evaluation of appeals on a consistency and conformity with Provincial policies and plans basis.
  • In the long-term the Government of Ontario eliminate the LPAT entirely.
Molinaro Group - 490-492 Brock Avenue & 1298 Ontario Street
Proposed Development
Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw amendment applications to permit a 22-storey (including a one-storey rooftop amenity area) mixed-use building with 170 residential units and 186 square metres of ground floor retail commercial space; four levels of underground parking. Vehicle access from Ontario Street. Learn more.
Construction activity is underway. Tentative construction timelines:
Bridgewater 2042, 2048 and 2054 Lakeshore Rd.
The Bridgewater site is located south of Lakeshore Road between Elizabeth Street and Pearl Street at 2042, 2048 and 2054 Lakeshore Rd. Learn more .
Construction activity is underway. Tentative construction timelines:
City & Region Ward 2 Construction Projects

Maple Avenue, Lakeshore Rd. to Fairview St.
  • Curb and sidewalk repairs (ongoing)
  • Asphalt milling and paving, with structure adjustments (late July to end of Sept.)
Ontario Street, Maple Ave. to Brock Ave.
  • Final asphalt replacement (early to mid-Aug.)
Richmond Road
  • Asphalt mill and pave (early to mid Aug.)

  • Base asphalt has paving complete.
  • Currently completing the remaining restoration work
  • Following the completion of the landscaping work and inspection of the underground infrastructure, toplift asphalt will be placed mid-August, weather permitting.

Lakeshore Road – Resurfacing
  • From Nelson Avenue to Locust Street
  • To commence after Labour Day weekend
  • More information to follow mid-summer

A new multi-use trail is under construction in the Hydro One transmission corridor, located east of Maple Avenue. It will provide a connection from Ontario Street to Graham’s Lane, with a link to Maple Crossing Boulevard for cycling, walking and other trail activities.    Schedule:
  • Paving of the base layer of asphalt is scheduled for early August, weather permitting.
  • Installation of bollards, signage, fine grading, seeding of the grass areas, paving the top layer of asphalt and line painting will follow.
  • Completion date, early September. 
Do you have questions or concerns about an area construction project?
Visit the Construction in Your Neighbourhood webpage for helpful information including:
  • Noise and Lighting
  • Vibration
  • Dust and Environmental Concerns
  • Parking
  • Road Closures
  • Condition of construction site
  • Restoration of boulevards and sidewalks
  • Interruptions in access to water, driveway, street, sidewalks and more
Brief Updates

Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) - I will be in attendance at the 2019 AMO Conference, "Municipalities: Ontario's Frontline", being held later this month provides a great opportunity for your Council members to connect with municipal colleagues from across the province. There will be expert keynotes, educational session, political leaders, over 100 industry exhibitors, and access to Provincial Ministers. I'm particularly interested and registered for the 'Codes of Conduct' session and will report back in my next newsletter.

Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) and TechPlace - Council votes to review BEDC and TechPlace and look into the potential of a Municipal Development Corporation with the goal of keeping and attracting new businesses to our city.

Burlington Transit - On Sept. 1, 2019, Burlington Transit will make significant changes to the transit system, including the introduction of new routes, schedules and frequencies. These changes incorporate the public input received at open house events in April this year. To learn more and view the maps and schedules, visit Burlington Transit .

Cannabis - Another store has been authorized and will be located in the 1200 Brant Street plaza at North Service Road and the QEW.

Red Tape Red Carpet (RTRC) Task Force - An update and recommendations arising from the Red Tape Red Carpet (RTRC) Task Force was presented for Council's review and further comment. A final set of recommendations will be presented at the Planning & Development Committee meeting on Sept. 10, with a vote taking place at City Council on Sept. 23.

Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund - The city is investing $30,895 in five community projects as part of this year’s Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund program.

Planning and Development - Visit Ward 2 current development for a complete listing of projects.

Road Safety Lawn Sign - Ways to get your sign:

Take Action Burlington: An update on our local environment report - Air and Water . These posts highlight climate change connections, what the city is doing and actions you can take.  
Community Events
Spencer Smith Park Playground Celebration
Join me!
Upcoming Events

Aug. 15 – “Coco” Movies Under the Stars at Spencer Smith Park
Aug. 17 - Spencer Smith Playground Celebration
Aug. 17 - Butter Tart Festival and Races
Aug. 29 - Join me at Thorpe Park - to be confirmed
Sept. 15 - Terry Fox Run , Spencer Smith Park
Sept. 27 to 29 - Burlington Culture Days
Saturdays, July & August – Songs & Sunsets Music at Central Park
Wednesdays & Sundays  – Concerts in the Park, Central Park
Sundays to Sept. 22 - Fit in the Core , Performing Arts Centre
Sundays to Oct. 6 - Farm Market , Centro Garden 
Wednesdays & Saturdays - Farmer’s Market , Burlington Mall
Sundays - Family Sunday Open Studio , Art Gallery of Burlington
Note: For a full listing of city meetings and events subscribe to the city calendar and receive a weekly email providing you with a list of what's coming up. If you belong to a community organization and would like to add an event to the calendar, quickly create an account and you're all set to start adding events. Visit the City Calendar to register your organization.
Engagement Opportunities
Official Plan - Taking a Closer Look
at the Downtown
By March 2020, Burlington City Council will vote to endorse changes to the policies in Burlington’s adopted Official Plan that guide development in the downtown until 2031, including the height and density of buildings.

We want to hear from you as your
input will directly influence a recommendation that will be
presented to Burlington
City Council in March 2020.

Provide your input at an upcoming
public information session on:

Thursday, Aug. 22
1-3 p.m. or 7-9 p.m.
at the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB).
2020 City Budget
Work to determine the City’s 2020 budget underway: Take the budget survey and tell us which City
services are important to you!

All the feedback captured through
 the survey will be shared with
Burlington City Council.

The survey will remain open
until Sept. 20, 2019. 
Community Engagement BBQ
and Food Truck Event
The city will be hosting a Community Engagement BBQ providing a great opportunity to give your feedback on a number of City projects and initiatives. As a thank you, food trucks will give residents lunch for free!

Have your say on:
  • The Official Plan – taking a closer look at the downtown 
  • 2020 Budget 
  • Leash Free areas 
  • Integrated Mobility Plan 
  • Climate Action Plan ... and more!
Climate Action Plan
The City of Burlington has declared a Climate Emergency. We are developing a Climate Action Plan and making decisions with the climate as a major factor. Complete a survey and help us with the development of the plan.
Watch for pop-up consultations over
the summer and two public
workshops in September. 
Private Tree By-law
Your feedback is required!
Attend an information session to learn more about the development of a proposed city-wide Private Tree Bylaw.  

Leash-Free Area Review
We want to hear from residents
about the current Leash-Free Area criteria and the availability of
Leash-Free Areas across our City.

We have no Leash-Free Areas in Ward 2, it's important to ensure that the future parks reflect the needs of this area.

Both dog owners and non-dog
owners are encouraged to
provide input into this survey.
In closing
With the warmer weather upon us, sharing the following helpful information:

Thank you for your support! It’s a pleasure to bring your voice forward as we work together to make our Burlington the best place to live, work and play!

Contact my office at any time through email, telephone or social media, and feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues so that they can sign up as well.  

Stay tuned for dates of upcoming Ward 2 Community meetings in the fall.

Lisa Kearns
Ward 2 Councillor
City of Burlington & Region of Halton

E-mail: Lisa.Kearns@burlington.ca or Ward2@burlington.ca
Tel: 905 335-7600 x7588 
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