April 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Ward 2 Councillor! 🙏 I love seeing our community grow 🌱 and strive to connect with you in sharing the journey from candidate to councillor and beyond. I am grateful in hearing from you which shares a glimpse of what’s important in your life. I take your feedback and help prioritize that in policy 💕more park-space🌿, cycling 🚴‍♀️ arts & culture 👩‍🎨, family focused activities 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, local retail 👜, transit 🚌, and community💕. Today, I wish you a personal thank you!

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Week in Review
Burlington Transit
Customer Relationship Management
Development Applications
Interim Control By-Law
Spencer Smith Park - Playground Improvements
City Hall - Quick Links
Halton Region
Halton Region - Quick Links
Healthy Living/Environment
Community Happenings
In & Around Our Community
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Week in Review
posted Friday, April 5, 2019
excerpt from Instagram
Week in Review
Posted Friday, March 29, 2019
excerpt from Instagram
Burlington Transit - Proposed Route Changes
There is a lot happening at Burlington Transit and we need to hear from you. Transit is proposing the following across-the-city route changes for Sept. 2019:

What are your thoughts? Attend the next Transit drop-in session on April 11, 2019, from 6-9 p.m. at Tansley Woods and/or provide your feedback through Transit's Get Involved page .
Free Transit for Seniors
The 2019 Council-approved operating budget includes a new 18-month pilot program that provides free transit service for seniors, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. This pilot program is scheduled to begin in June - I will keep you posted on the exact date.

The city will also help cover the fee for those who qualify for Halton Region's Subsidized Passes for low Income Transit (SPLIT) program.

Where are we at?
  • One open retail store in our city located at 103-4031 Fairview Street
  • There is an application for a second store at 1200 Brant Street.
  • These two stores make up 2 out of the 25 Province-wide licenses, and make up 5 out of 6 allowed stores within our Region
  • Province is expecting to review the limit of 25 licenses in December 2019
  • City of Burlington Cannabis Task Force will start up in May/June of 2019 and will be made up of key people within the community, including but not limited to a School Board Trustee from each Board of Education, Policer Officer, Cannabis Retail Store and Production Industry Representative, Liaison from Inclusivity Committee and Senior’s Advisory Committee. Interested in being part of this Task Force? e-mail me
  • Staff are preparing Cannabis Store Guidelines which will go to May 2019 Committee and Council for approval.
  • More details at Legal Cannabis and the City of Burlington
Construction - Road Improvements

There are changes happening in your community.
Construction projects are essential in order to keep our infrastructure
safe and reliable for many years to come.

Please be safe, use caution and observe signage.

Your patience & understanding during these projects is
appreciated – Thank You.

Maple Avenue Area – City & Halton Region Project

Ghent and Hager Avenue - City Project
  • Minor Reconstruction includes full asphalt replacement, curb replacement, localized sidewalk replacement, localized storm repair and street-side parking (Ghent Avenue only).
  • Scheduled to commence late May with completion fall 2019
  • Visit Ghent and Hager Avenue Minor Reconstruction for further information.

Contact for both the above projects:  
Ryan Stoneman, Contract Administrator, City of Burlington, Tel: 905 335-7600, ext. 7818, E-mail:  ryan.stoneman@burlington.ca
Customer Relationship Management
The City is updating how it delivers, tracks and prioritizes customer requests to optimize customer service delivery and improve your experience. Callers will be asked to provide their name, contact numbers and address. This information is only used for the purpose of fulfilling your request and will not be shared without your consent. Should you wish to remain anonymous, or withhold certain information, you are free to do so.

For faster service when contacting the city regarding service requests, please use  city@burlington.ca or ward2@burlington.ca . These emails are monitored during regular business hours and customers can expect notification that their email has been received and in some instances a case number may be assigned to help track your request. 

To connect directly with your Councillor, e-mail Lisa.Kearns@burlington.ca
Interim Control Bylaw
Committee voted to not extend any exceptions to the ICBL. (Planning & Development Committee, April 2/19)

I opened up this conversation at the March 28 Ward 2 Community Update to hear our community input.

I was approached for exceptions and negotiations by many properties.

Final decision will go to Council on April 23, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. To delegate at this meeting, you must register prior to noon, the day of the scheduled meeting (April 23, 2019).

To provide you with insight about how I represent our community, sharing with you the following excerpt taken from the Planning & Development Committee meeting, April 2, 2019 (afternoon session), approx. 3:18 p.m. (video time 2:29:44), conversation between myself and Heather MacDonald, the city's Director of Planning & Building:
Lisa Kearns (LK): I want to talk about the state of housing and the line of dialogue that speaks to this ICBL blocking affordable housing or housing affordability measures related to supply in the study area and so, I’m seeing that the cost of some of the approved and exempted buildings are running at about $700 per square foot. The example I want to draw on is the Art Gallery across the road at 421 Brant Street. I walked by the sales center today with a sign saying starting at 400K, line that up with the sales sign stating that the units start at 491 square feet. That’s where I’m getting $700 to $849 per square foot. I would like to know from planning staff what is the impact on housing affordability or affordable housing that the ICBL will have an effect on our community?
Heather MacDonald (HM): Through the Chair, at the present time we are not processing any application and we have not received any applications that are for affordable housing.
LK: So, all the applications that may be on the horizon or may be in queue are all for private occupancy at market rates?
HM: Through the Chair, through Section 37 we were able to secure a certain number of affordable housing units and so there are applications where we have been successful at that. We don’t know what our success would be in the applications that we have in now.
LK: Ok, so I’m going to go with the statement that we do not have a major risk to delivering affordable housing to the community with the implementation of the ICBL, and any of the exemptions being sought are not directly delivering a material surplus of housing affordability options.
HM: Through the Chair, that is my opinion.
LK: Ok, thank you very much for that.

Following a fulsome understanding of the impacts, precedent setting and compromised study results, I voted for no exceptions.
Have questions? See the following Q&A:

What is an interim control bylaw?
An interim control bylaw (ICBL) is a tool available to Ontario municipalities as part of the Planning Act. An ICBL places a temporary “freeze” on the development of certain lands while a municipality is studying or reviewing its land use policies. The restrictions can only be imposed for one year, with a maximum extension of a second year. Once an ICLB is no longer in effect, a subsequent ICBL may not be imposed on those same lands for three years .
Are there legal challenges allowed to the ICBL once it’s in place?
An ICBL may not be appealed when it is first passed, however the extension of the ICBL to a second year may be appealed.
What City revenue will be lost during the time the ICBL is in place?
The City could see reduced planning development fees and revenues, reduced building permit and construction activity with reduced associated fees and revenues, reduced parkland dedication fees, and reduced development charges collected.
When will the land-use study start?
Work to begin the land-use study was initiated immediately by Department of City Building, following approval of the ICBL by Burlington City Council.
Which areas of the city are impacted?
The study areas identified are in Ward 2 and includes the Downtown Urban Growth Centre and lands near the Burlington GO station. 
What percentage of land in Burlington does the study area cover?
How does the land-use study impact the re-examination of the policies in the Official Plan?
Work to re-examine the adopted Official Plan will take place at the same time as the ICBL study. Findings from both initiatives may inform each other.
What is the cost for the land use study and where is the money coming from?
Funding for the Study will come from city reserve funds including the Planning Initiative Reserve Fund with final costs to be confirmed and reported to council at a late date.

Who will conduct the land-use study?
The Director of City Building will hire an independent consultant to carry out the work of the land-use study. The project will be managed by City Building staff.
What if the land-use study is completed in less than one year?
If the study is completed in less than one year, city staff will bring forward the recommendations from the study to Council at that time.
How does this study differ from studies done in the past through work on the Official Plan or the downtown Mobility Hub?
Previous studies of the downtown have not included an examination of the role and function of the John Street bus terminal and Burlington GO as a Major Transit Station Areas (MTSA).
Can we add other areas of the city to the ICBL?
It is possible to have an ICBL for another part of the city but the need for the study in another area must be based on its own planning merits and not linked to this ICBL.
Can we take certain developments out of the ICBL study area?
Removing developments in the study area is not recommended to allow for a comprehensive planning study to be undertaken for the area and for consistent and fair application of the ICBL.
Which developments will be impacted by the interim control bylaw?
Developments in the study areas that submitted applications for site plan approval, in accordance with the approved zoning bylaw, prior to the date the ICBL was passed (March 5, 2019) are exempt from the ICBL.

This includes development applications for:
  • 490-492 Brock Ave.
  • 374 Martha St
  • 421 Brant St.
  • 442 Pearl St.
  • 471 Pearl St. (Reach Out Centre for Kids (R.OC.K.)
  • 2030 Caroline St./510 Elizabeth St./2025 Maria St.
  • 2092 Old Lakeshore Rd.
What about proposed developments in the study area that are low density and within the limits of what is anticipated in the Official Plan?
Low-density residential uses within the study area will be affected by the ICBL. No new construction of permanent buildings or structures will be permitted including additions will be permitted while the ICBL is in effect.  
Are there exemptions allowed for residential properties during the ICBL for people who want to build a deck or renovate their home?
Yes. Building of pools, decks, fences and interior alterations are permitted. These types of developments are considered minor and/or accessory to the main use of the property. They are not considered to affect intensity or land use in the study area, so they are exempt from the ICBL.
Will the city continue to accept development applications during the year-long freeze?
The City will continue to accept development applications. Applications currently being processed, and new applications submitted will be circulated for comment to relevant departments and agencies and statutory public meetings will be held to receive public input. No planning analysis will be undertaken, and recommendation reports will not be prepared until the ICBL and policy and zoning are in place.
Public Notice
Why were residents and developers not given notice that an ICBL was coming?
The City of Burlington met the notice requirements under the Planning Act for an ICBL; the Act states that no notice is required prior to the passing of a bylaw for an interim control bylaw.
What is an Urban Growth Centre?
The Province’s 2017 Growth Plan identifies an Urban Growth Centre (UGC) as an existing or emerging downtown area. The Plan also mandates a density target of a minimum of 200 residents and jobs combined per hectare. For the interim control bylaw, the boundaries of the UGC, as shown in the Halton Region Official Plan, will be used to establish the boundaries of the study area. 

More information can be found at Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL).
Spencer Smith Park - Playground Improvements
Spencer Smith Park playground is currently undergoing improvements which include:

  • The replacement of existing playground equipment and swings

  • The installation of rubberized safety surfacing at the playground and swings.

To ensure public safety during construction, the playground area is closed and fenced off with signs posted. The remainder of the park will remain open and accessible during construction. Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

This project will take seven to eight weeks to complete, weather conditions permitting, with the new playground scheduled to be open for play in June.

Spencer Smith Playground renderings:
Since the submission of the above rendering, new colours have been selected and additional ground level features have been added. I am pleased report that the fish structure is staying!

For more details, visit Spencer Smith Park Playground Improvements .

During the construction at the Spencer Smith Park playground, please visit the following area playgrounds:

🌳 Central Park – 2299 New St.
🌳 Lions Park – 471 Pearl St.
🌳 Maple Park – 750 Maple Ave.
At its March 27, 2019, meeting,
Halton Regional Council endorsed a resolution to be sent to the
Provincial Government that states
the two-tier municipal government
in Halton Region is effective and any changes to it would be “disruptive
and wasteful.”

Regional Council’s position on the Regional government review supports recent motions passed by the City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills,
Town of Milton and the Town of Oakville.

Have you shared your view on the regional government system?

Feedback is due by Apr. 23, 2019. 
More information at Ontario.ca
Growth doesn't pay for Growth
Your Halton Regional Council is unanimous that “Growth doesn’t pay for Growth.” A reduction in development charges will reduce a municipalities ability to finance essential infrastructure needed for growth, reduce the supply of services land and will unfairly impact existing homeowners.

Halton has an estimated annual funding gap of $87.7 million as a result of the inability to collect the full cost recover under the current legislation.

Municipalities require legislation to recover the FULL cost of growth to be consistent with the principle that growth pays for growth. *final motion has slight amendment to wording.
Healthy Living / Environment
Conservation Halton
Homeowner Workshops

Want to upgrade your yard, but do not know where to start? Conservation Halton is offering a series of gardening workshops, called the Healthy Neighboursheds Homeowner Workshops, for homeowners to learn about landscaping techniques that will save money and time.
Clean Up Week
Green Up Da y

Calling all sectors of the community to get involved in cleaning and greening our beautiful city!

Sponsored by the City of Burlington and other community supporters, BurlingtonGreen's city-wide Clean Up Week event is the week of April 22-28, followed by Green Up Tree Plant Day on May 4, 2019.
Community Happenings

April 11 - Burlington Job Fair
April 13 - Sp'egg'tacular Easter Event at Ireland
House Museum
April 13 - It's All About You at Burlington Seniors'
April 15 & 18 - HRPS Communicator Open House
April 18 - Born to Be Wild - Wildlife Information Session at the Animal Shelter
April 24 - "Thermae Romae" Japanese movie screening at Central Library
May 4 - Sakura Festival at the AGB
May 6 - Juno 75 Burlington Remembers
June 1 - 100in1Day takes place across Canada.
June 8 - 16 - Sound of Music Festival
June 13 - A Tale of Two Cities: A Conversation with
Mayors Meed Ward and Burton

Of note:
In & Around Our Community
St. Luke's Luncheon Series
A true honour to join our community at the St. Luke’s Luncheon Series. "You don’t need a big kitchen, you need a big heart”.

This was a special lunch, marking the 5th anniversary of the gatherings.

Highest gratitude to the volunteers and four local churches who bring this to our community where everyone is welcome: St. John’s Catholic Church, Burlington Baptist Church, Knox Presbyterian and St. Luke’s.

So much fun singing Happy Birthday to the folks celebrating in Apr il.
Top row, left to right …
  • Being interviewed by YourTV Halton about the Operating Budget approved at the March 25 Council meeting; overall tax rate (Capital + Operating) for the City is 2.99% - at inflation when blended with Region and School Boards.
  • Invited to be a judge for Precision Ball Passing at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre: Teasing Gravity at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.
  • Enjoying the Tyrsa Ukrainian Dance School’s annual Giant Garage Sale at the Ukrainian Church Hall.
Bottom row, left to right …
  • Inspiring evening at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Business Awards Gala.
  • Participated in the Cities in Action: Bay Area Climate Change Summit.
  • Evening of exquisite hometown talent with the Burlington Teen Tour Band in Concert. We are so proud of our young, talented and dedicated global musical ambassadors!
In Closing ...
With spring and the warmer weather upon us what a great time to get to know your neighbours and hold your own community gatherings, activities or parties and celebrate community. You can do this through the support of the Love My Hood program.
Be sure to regularly check the city's Calendar of Meetings & Events which includes:

City Meetings - With live, closed caption webcasts
Drop-In Recreation Schedules
Festivals and Events
Get Involved Burlington Engagement

Thank you for your support! It’s a pleasure to bring your voice forward as we work together to make our Burlington the best place to live, work and play! Contact my office at any time through email, telephone, social media or by attending my monthly Ward 2 Update meetings:

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May 16 , 7-9 pm Burlington Seniors’ Centre
June 20 , 7-9 pm Burlington Seniors’ Centre
All the best,

Lisa Kearns, Ward 2 Councillor
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
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