WASAVP joins our state agencies in recognizing the significant contributions of local prevention leaders, advocates and organizations to the prevention field.
Liz Wilhelm, Seattle Children’s Hospital ; ( WASAVP Boardmember! ) Project coordinator for Seattle Children's Prevention Works in Seattle Coalition; serves on the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention Board and Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington.

Kathy Deschner, Prevent Together: Battle Ground Prevention Alliance ; youth DREAM Team leader, community activist.

Cathy Kelley, Sunnyside United–Unidos Coalition ; MERIT Resource Services; oversaw prevention and intervention programs for 23 school districts through Educational Service District 105.

Chloe Anne Noel Connors, Unite! Washougal Coalition (youth leader) ; organized "Challenge for Change" event; focusing on creating strategies to support positive, healthy choices.

Washington Poison Center (organization) ; serving Washington residents for more than 60 years with assistance on poisoning, drug overdose, or toxic exposure.

WASAVP celebrates our 2018 prevention leaders and advocates

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