WASH Rotary Action Group Newsletter – July 2021

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Virtual World Water Summit 13 Webinar
The virtual World Water Summit 13 focused on the crisis of WASH in healthcare facilities.

Learn how your club can help to address the urgent need for improved WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene, cleaning, and waste management) at healthcare facilities.

Register now for the WWS 13 Webinar
Rotary Action Group Menstrual Health and Hygiene: Break The Silence
Rotary International Women’s Group (RIW) was founded on April 7th, 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by Rtn. Sharmila Nagarajan, member of RC Tower Hamlets London (UK).

The group was founded via whatsapp with the aim to:
- Connect female Rotarians all over the world and
- Raise a common, women-oriented project driven by female Rotarians of all five continents.
On 4th of March, 2021, with the approval of the RI board, the RAG MHH was constituted with 60 prospective members from 18 countries out of at least 12 Rotary zones.

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Rotary Action group is partnering with them to provide a comprehensive and inspiring look at WASH in Healthcare Webinar.

To learn more about this group visit https://www.ragmhh.org/home
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Rotary International Convention
"Thousands of people experienced friendship and fun at Rotary International’s second virtual convention. The event, held 12-16 June 2021, was conducted online after the convention originally planned for Taipei, Taiwan, was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More than 11,000 people registered for the robust program that included more than 20 guest speakers, informational and inspiring breakout sessions, the interactive House of Friendship, and a variety of engaging virtual activities and entertainment." 

by Ryan Hyland
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Calendar of Events
4-8 Oct 2021 - UNC Water and Health Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
24 Oct 2021 - WORLD POLIO DAY
19 Nov 2021 - WORLD TOILET DAY

22 Mar 2022 - WORLD WATER DAY
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The WASH Rotary Action Group is pleased to consider partnerships with any corporate supporter. Due to the unique attributes of water sources and water provision, acceptance of corporate support does not imply an endorsement of any particular water technology. Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and Rotary partners must evaluate any technology to determine if it is the best solution for the conditions where the program will be implemented. The WASH Rotary Action Group can provide guidance about where different technologies work best, but Rotarians and Rotary clubs must make the final decision about how to implement their programs.