WASRAG Newsletter - May 2019
Jumping for Safe Water
Carolyn Meub, Past District Governor and former WASRAG Board Member, recently announced her retirement as Executive Director of Pure Water for the World.(PWW)

To mark her retirement and to commemorate the 20 year Anniversary of PWW, Carolyn, and up to 30 fellow Rotarians, are going to skydive on June 29. They are using this as a fundraiser and plan to raise $100,000 towards safe water projects in Haiti and Honduras.

If you would like to sponsor Carolyn on this unique fundraiser go to www.jumpforsafewater.com.
Gettng Water Right
Richard Cromwell, of the Rotary Club of Bath, ME has introduced a holistic approach to the water and sanitation issues in Cambodia.

Read Getting Water Right on the Stories Page to learn about their approach and success to bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene training to rural Cambodia villages.
Cleaning the Mississippi River
A group of Rotary Clubs, in cities along the Mississippi River are starting to coordinate efforts to clean this mighty river that starts clear and clean, but along its 2,300 mile length becomes quite polluted.

They are looking for International partners to team up with a US Rotary Club to clean-up part of the river. Clubs interested in this large project can visit the Facebook page " The Mississippi River Runs Through US"
Two New Updated WASRAG Guidelines
WASRAG realizes that sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene projects are very complex and you need to take a number of factors into account to be successful.

Recently, Dr David Sabatini, of the Rotary Club of Norman, OK, with assistance of his colleagues Philip Deal, Anisha Nijhawan and Ian Thom, have reviewed and revised the Technical Guidelines for Sustainable Water Projects and Sustainable Sanitation Projects. Check out these new resources.
Visit the WASRAG Booth
While in Hamburg at the Rotary International Convention, come to the WASRAG booth in the Hall of Friendship, Booth Number 4422.

Rotarian and WASRAG Board member Mark Balla will be at the booth autographing his new book ToiletWarrior.
First Global Report on WASH in HCF
The WHO and UNICEF recently released the first comprehensive report on WASH in Healthcare Facilities (HCF). The report summarizes data from over 500,000 facilities in 125 countries. The key messages are:
  • 2 Billion people use HCF that lack basic water
  • 1.5 billion people use HCF with no sanitation
  • 43% of HCF do not have adequate hand hygiene
  • 17 million women give birth in HCF with inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene
Beyond Water
Sharon and Peter Crean started the non-profit Beyond Water Global over ten years ago. Based out of Australia and New Zealand they are active in WASH projects in East Africa.

They are interested in talking to Rotary Clubs about their Projects, whether it is drilling wells in Kenya, building toilets at schools, or the Girl Project, that provides sanitary napkins they have many stories to tell and are interested in partnering with Rotary clubs on projects.
EcoFilters to Guatemalan Village
The Rotary Club of Pantano, Arizona recently had to deal with underestimating the interest in clean water.

They had anticipated 35 participants in the EcoFilter project for Union Victoria. Guatemala, but that turned into 100 interested villagers, including health clinics and schools. They have quickly adapted to the demand.
Rotarian recognized for Kenyan Project
Meeting people who walked 12 miles for water and learning about children getting sick from drinking contaminated water, is what drove Carl Burkybile, of the Rotary Club of Champaign, Illinois to spearhead Rotary District 6490's largest international project.

The 46 clubs in the District partnered with The Rotary Foundation to finance a $194,000 water well project that brought clean water to 26,000 people.

Calendar of Events
May 27, 2019 - Deadline to Vote for WASRAG Directors

May 31 -8:00 am - World Water Summit 11 - WASH: Achieving Lasting Impact
June 1 - 8:30 am - WASRAG Annual Meeting - 8:30 -10:00 am
Register here to attend WASRAG Annual General Meeting
Convention Breakout Sessions
June 3 - 1:00 pm - Achieving Lasting Impact from WASH
June 4 - 1:00 pm - Success Stories of WASH in Schools
June 5 - 1:00 pm - Menstrual Hygiene: Manage it Well

And remember to visit the House of Friendship - and stop by the WASRAG Booth 4422

Oct 24, 2019 - WORLD POLIO DAY

March 22, 2020 - WORLD WATER DAY
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