WASRAG Newsletter - SPECIAL ISSUE - April 2020
The following is a special call to action from
Ron Denham, Chair Emeritus, WASRAG.
Dear Rotarians,

We are called to respond to the coronavirus crisis, as our voices and Rotarian commitment to Service Above Self are needed across the entire globe right now.

Rotary International has long committed to access to safe water and sanitation as one of the Areas of Focus The reality is that the majority of healthcare facilities in developing countries do not have adequate access to soap, water and sanitation. These conditions impact two billion people worldwide at a time when handwashing is crucial to curtailing this COVID19 pandemic. 

Together we can be a united voice, helping provide safe conditions for all staff and patients.

When the circumstances permit, let’s reach out to our local healthcare facilities, the center of health in each of our communities. Are they able to maintain proper sanitation and handwashing? Ask if they have adequate quantities of soap and water, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Are they helping educate patients and the broader community about proper handwashing, which will be lifesaving during this pandemic?

Clubs can work with health facility administrators and local officials to help meet needs and make a real difference. We can collaborate with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and microfinance initiatives in our communities to increase the supply of locally manufactured and distributed soap. We can support our healthcare facilities as distribution points for hygiene messaging and soap to surrounding communities, and help make sure that our friends and neighbors understand the importance of frequent handwashing with soap throughout their day. Consider selecting a COVID19 lead within your club to respond to the immediate crisis. Interact and Rotaract also have important roles to play and can engage their own COVID19 leaders.

By reaching out, we have the opportunity to learn more about needs in our healthcare facilities and communities and how our Rotary Clubs can assist now and in the future. It is going to take everyone working together to tamp down this pandemic in each of our communities and prevent future outbreaks.

Rotarians join together for truth, fairness, goodwill and friendship for the benefit of all. We have a unique opportunity to make a difference and unite our voices and visibility globally on behalf of health and healthcare everywhere.
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The Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) is pleased to consider partnerships with any corporate supporter. Due to the unique attributes of water sources and water provision, acceptance of corporate support does not imply an endorsement of any particular water technology. Rotarians, Rotary clubs, and Rotary partners must evaluate any technology to determine if it is the best solution for the conditions where the program will be implemented. WASRAG can provide guidance about where different technologies work best, but Rotarians and Rotary clubs must make the final decision about how to implement their programs.