No. 82

WAV Group Report
By Marilyn Wilson

It is with much excitement that I would like to announce some major news for the Broker Public Portal project!   We have been researching the value of consumer property search sites like the Broker Public Portal since 2005 and we're thrilled to announce a game-changing opportunity for agents and brokers to captivate consumers! ...  READ MORE!
By Kevin Hawkins

The number one mistake I've most often encountered through the many years I've spent working in communications and public relations, is a CEO who calls back a reporter and tries to "wing it."  While I've been fortunate enough to work with several exceptionally media savvy CEO throughout the years, they were the ones that never called back a reporter without being prepared.  ...  READ MORE!
By Victor Lund

Today, we had our Logictech Harmony Ultimate Home automation experience installed. From a single controller or mobile device, anyone in our family can controls connected lights, locks, thermostats, home entertainment devices, and even schedule when devices turn on or off. Everything is connected ... READ MORE! 

There is nothing more devastating to a brokerage than losing a top performer. Many times these departures come as a total surprise that leaves the company scrambling to find ways to get them to change their mind and to stop more top producers following them out the door. So what can brokerages do to stop this painful bleeding that happens all too often?...  READ MORE!
By Kevin Hawkins

My wife woke up this morning to the voice of Alec Baldwin telling her "Wake up Sunshine. Let me tell you something, I've been up since the crack of dawn..." before I shout out "off" and silence Alec in midsentence. No, Alec isn't in our bedroom. Alec's voice is an alarm option in Alexa, our household's digital assistant that's built into both our Amazon Echo and Dot. It's simply the coolest - and most practical - innovation I've seen in decades... READ MORE! 

Real estat e is a fascinating industry when it comes to making choices about something vs. nothing. Again and again, we see individual agents, brokers, Associatons, MLSs, and Franchises make choices to set something when getting nothing may be the better strategy. I doubt that this article will have any change on the bearing of the industry, but in some small way it may influence one or more decisions today or this week by a few people...    READ MORE!