No. 86
WAV Group Report
By Marilyn Wilson

The world we operate in is getting smaller and more connected every day. Now that the real estate market is solid again, brokerages are reaching out and expanding into new markets.  Consumers are getting more sophisticated and expect their agents to be able to provide them access to all listings in their region. Homebuyers don't care that there may be more than one MLS in the region where they live. They just want ALL of the listings available in their area from their agent.. READ MORE!
By Marilyn Wilson

John Mosey, CEO of Northstar MLS is known to be one of those leaders that when he finds a business challenge his brokers face, he will do his best to find a solution.  He is not afraid to go first. As such he has helped to bring to market many exciting new products that serve the greater good.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him about the latest gem he has brought to the market for his subscribers...  READ MORE!
By Kevin Hawkins

A lot of attention in real estate goes into looking at what the next big thing will be in technology that will impact our business. As a self-confessed closet Geek, I do my best to stay on top of future trends. All things related to data has garnered my greatest attention over the last few years - from Predictive Analytics, to Artificial Intelligence and the emergence of the "algorithm economy."...  READ MORE!
By Victor Lund

WAV Group was very fortunate to spend time with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers (Metro Brokers) Chief Operating Officer, Craig McClelland to learn about their role out of the highly touted Zap platform. The Zap platform is the strategic technology brokerage solution developed by ZapLabs (formerly ZipRealty) that is being rolled out to all of the REALOGY® Franchise Group brands, ergo 250,000 real estate professionals...  READ MORE!
By Steve Cook

Why does your news release meet with silence while your competitor makes headlines regularly? 
There could be more than one answer to that question, but the place to start is the quality of your news releases . ..   READ MORE!
Intermountain MLS Job Posting
By Marilyn Wilson

WAV Group is excited to announce a really exciting job opportunity for progressive MLS leaders.  Intermountain MLS, located in Boise, Idaho is looking for a new Chief Executive Officer. I have worked with this organization for awhile now and they are one of the best run MLSs out there.  And for those of you who went to CMLS when it was hosted in Boise, Idaho you know what an AMAZING place it is!  I would love to talk to you to any of you that may be interested in learning more about the position. Also if you would like to meet with me confidentially next week at the CMLS conference, send me a note and we can schedule some time to talk!..  READ MORE!
By Kevin Hawkins

It was a lesson I learned fairly early on in my career in Public Relations and one I will never forget: Good PR sometimes means keeping clear of media coverage. It's an axiom that not many people understand, but I believe it is actually harder than any other kind of strategic public relations. Let me explain...   READ MORE!
3 Takeaways From The Florida Realtors Convention Takeaways From The Florida Realtors Convention
By Kevin Hawkins

In Orlando, Florida, the energy was electric, the attendance was impressive (several thousand) and the headliner was Jay LenoFlorida Realtors marked their 100th anniversary with a bash that will be long remembered, a hallmark salute to the accomplishments of one of the largest and most enduring state trade associations in America... READ MORE!