No. 65

WAV Group Report
By Marilyn Wilson

I have to tell you that every time I think about the MLS Policy Meeting at this year's NAR Conference in New Orleans, it puts a big smile on my face.  For the first time that I've witnessed, four important, but fundamental changes were made to the IDX policy . . . READ MORE!
By Kevin Hawkins

I have a theory: Customer service provided by most technology companies sucks. Ask yourself when was the last time you told someone or posted something on Facebook about a great customer service experience from any technology company with a first letter other than  . . . READ MORE!

What's Your Big Idea?
By Victor Lund

Our lives become intense at this time of year. As the door closes on 2014, we are consumed with things undone, like holiday shopping. We also consider the goals that we expected to reach, and the number of days to reach them. If you are thinking about your next big idea for 2015 . . . READ MORE! 
By Jenna Woodruff

WAV Group would like to invite you and your MLS to participate in the fourth annual WAV Group MLS Technology Survey. This is a free, non-sponsored survey we provide for the benefit of the industry.  The more participation we have, the more accurate and valuable the findings will be. . .  READ MORE!

By Marilyn Wilson

I can't tell you the number of times I have asked an agent what MLS they belong to and they tell me "Paragon", or "Rapattoni" or "Matrix".   They don't even know the name of the MLS organization they belong to . . .  READ MORE!

By Victor Lund

Every year, WAV Group and RE Technology have adopted a family at Christmas. This year is no different. However, we have elected to take on a huge family that really needs a lot of help.

This year, we are helping out a mother of four who has been living with an abusive drug addict . . . READ MORE!

By Marilyn Wilson

Do you sometimes feel like your Board of Directors and key staff are out of touch with what's really happening in the real estate industry today?  Do you sometimes feel a bit isolated and would like to know if other organizations are facing the same challenges you are?  Is your organization suffering from . . .  READ MORE!

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