No. 73

WAV Group Report
DotLoop and Zillow
By Victor Lund

As far as I know, DotLoop customers were happy enough with the product and service until the announcement that the company was being purchased by Zillow. That news, along with the $108M price tag of the acquisition was the fundamental buzz at Inman Connect conference last week.. READ MORE!
The Do's and Don'ts of MLS System Selection
By Marilyn Wilson

MLSs are growing again. Membership is up. Agents are making money again. Life is good.  In many cases, the upward turn in the market is allowing MLSs to once again focus on evaluating their technologies to ensure they are offering the strongest tools they can.

Recently we have been involved in a few system selections and I thought I would share some of our thinking about the best way to make the process as successful as it can be ...   READ MORE!  
Why Millennials won't buy Boomer McMansions
By Kevin Hawkins

Self-confession: I love surveys. Data is my kryptonite. I got hooked in my grad school stats class and I've never looked back.

At Great Western Bank, I created the Realty Confidence Index, which surveyed face-to-face broker-owners in 23 states. At Fannie Mae, I got to pitch to reporters nationwide the most comprehensive housing surveys of its day. At Imprev, I helped craft and launch the real estate industry's first Thought Leader Survey and continue to spearhead that effort ...  READ MORE!  
Broker Members of the Enterprise Network Hit Mobile Milestone
By Victor Lund
We have been talking about mobile in real estate for far too long now. Two years ago Trulia, Zillow, and all announced that mobile was passing other methods of accessing their site. As brokers began to adopt mobile solutions, the debate about mobile browser vs. mobile app went on for an eternity until everyone put down their guns and agreed that the answer is both.

One of the broker website service providers that we have been tracking is Booj or The Enterprise Network ...  READ MORE!  
By Kevin Hawkins

I just returned, as some 3,000 other folks have, from attending Inman's Real Estate Connect in San Francisco. For many of the industry leaders whom I spoke with, it was one of the most successful Connects that they have attended and certainly the busiest. I found myself squarely in the same camp.

I discovered something incredibly special about what I think makes Inman Connect unique ...  READ MORE!