No. 74

WAV Group Report
A TRULY Broker-Centric MLS - What a Concept!
By Marilyn Wilson

The now infamous GRIPE List issued by Craig Cheatham back in 2013 has led to a plethora of new ideas and initiatives. From the momentum of RESO Data Standards, to the Broker Public Portal and Upstream, the confrontation has led to more innovative ideas and initiatives than we've seen in many, many years.. READ MORE!
MLS As A Communication Tool
By Victor Lund

Years ago, real estate agents gathered for breakfast with wrinkled sheets of paper culled from notes that took at listing presentations. Of course, they were not listing presentations at the time. It was more like a walk around the place. Someone in the area, often a relative or a neighbor, was trusted for selling property. There were not a lot of transactions then. Many families homesteaded their land, like my great grandfather. Today the decedents of that family occupy that property, subdivided as necessary to provide homes for grown children.

Real estate information is something that people knew long before it was a database ...   READ MORE!  
7 Things Every Executive Must Know Before Taking Questions from Reporters
By Kevin Hawkins

One thing that most executives are not trained for is taking to reporters. Some have a natural talent for it, but most learn the hard way. Having spent more than 25 years coaching executives on how to best work with reporters, here are the seven most important thing that all executives must know before they talk to the press ...  READ MORE!  
WAVes of Change Update
By Victor Lund
Our third installment of our quarterly webinar series called WAVes of Change is set for October 21st.

The purpose of the WAVes of Change Series is designed to help Associations and MLSs across North America make well-informed decisions that will help propel their organizations forward. It is designed to keep your team up to speed without having to travel to multiple events around the country spending significant time and money ...  READ MORE!  
By Kevin Hawkins

The room was filled with brokers, eager to hear how the real estate industry is beginning to make great strides in wrangling Big Data to the benefits of everyone: Brokers, agents and consumers.

The three panelists on stage represented a broad spectrum of the industry: Rainy Hake, a well respected brokerage leader who oversees the Technology, Marketing, Training and Strategy departments for Alain Pinel Realtors; Trent Gardner, the CEO of ListTrac, known as the "Google Analytics for Listings;" and Jeremy Crawford, the dynamic MLS leader who heads up RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) and the chief evangelist for the Data Dictionary, real estate's "Rosetta Stone." ...  READ MORE!  
How About MLS Coverage Defined by Individual Broker Needs? 
By Marilyn Wilson

Last week MRIS and TREND announced a ground-breaking intention to find a way to partner with each other to create a brand new organization built with the fundamental goal to create a truly broker-centric MLS.

If the taskforce formed that has been at work for over ten months can be successful, they will open up a huge market opportunity for brokers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Collectively, TREND and MRIS cover 31,000 square miles, 17 million consumers, 7 million on and off market properties, and 10 million property parcels... READ MORE!