No. 67

WAV Group Report
 Love What You Do and Do What You Love  notes pasted on blackboard.
Do you love what you do?
By Kevin Hawkins

It's been a whirlwind past few weeks with Inman Connect and Leading RE and everything in between. And then came Valentine's Day and I found myself writing and thinking about love: A news release on the love of our homes, a new Valentine's video from 12-year old Sparkles Lund that captured her love of dancing, and I sat down and wrote a love letter to my wife of  . . . READ MORE! 

Rat s nest of telephone and electric wires tangled and criss crossed.
By Victor Lund

Brokerages publish listings to third party portals as a method of advertising homes for sale. As we mentioned in our paper, the Syndication Rats Nest, every portal displays listings differently. Moreover, portals apply different rules on . . . READ MORE!

Following President George Washington s death in 1799 the Virginia General Assembly wanted to build a suitable monument and have his remains interred on the Capitol grounds. In 1849 after of debate and fundraising a resolution was passed and a commi
By Marilyn Wilson

Association and MLS leaders have it tough today.  The best leaders are staying on top of the latest trends, considering how emerging ideas affect their subscribers and proactively making changes to keep their organizations relevant.  Sounds like the kind of leader we all want to be right? So if this is what all leaders strive for, why is it so hard to create sustainable change? . . . READ MORE!

Typewriter series.  Mass Media  written on an old typewriter
By Kevin Hawkins

Social media campaigns seems to be getting the bulk of attention in marketing and communication budgets these days, but I would argue that mass media still packs a far more potent punch when you are trying to build a brand or generate top of mind awareness among a mass audience. Skeptical? Let's look at some numbers. Super bowl advertisers paid as much as $4.5 million for . . .  READ MORE!

Business man pointing to transparent board with text  Distribution
Revised IDX Rules are Looming for MLSs - New Solution Announced to Help MLSs be Compliant
By Marilyn Wilson

As you probably know by now, the rules governing IDX were revised at the NAR Meetings in November last year.  Click here to view the details of the approved changes. One of the big changes requires that every MLS provide a . . . READ MORE!