No. 76

WAV Group Report
WAV Group has just published a case study examining enterprise-level transaction management systems
By Victor Lund

WAV Group Consulting works with real estate brokerages to perfect back office enterprise business. This case study tells the story of how Hunt Real Estate evaluated their choices for enterprise transaction management. The firm spans nearly a dozen MLSs across multiple states with a plethora of integration points for customer records, listing records, forms, and agent records.

This case study is designed to represent a roadmap for other firms to consider when making such an important technology selection. Download the Hunt Real Estate case study  HERE.
5 Hot Trends in 2016 to Look for at NAR
By Kevin Hawkins

This year's  REALTORS® Convention & Expo in San Diego traces its origins to the first Chicago meeting of the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges held May 12-14, 1908.

One hundred and seven years later, some 20,000 real estate professionals will visit the San Diego Convention Center where more than 400 organizations will display their offerings and pitch their products.

2016 promises to be a pivotal year of rapid adoption of sweeping innovations and the emergence of new powerhouses in the residential real estate matrix. Here are five hot trends to look for and listen at the workshops to learn about to get the most out of NAR to help you next year ...  READ MORE!
Brokers Need To Sharpen Their Value Story
By Victor Lund

WAV Group is re-launching a number of brokerage brands today. Re-launching a brand does not require a brand to change, but the brand communication changes. We review how the brand is communicated everywhere, but especially where the brand has the greatest reach - in your technology applications ...   READ MORE!  
Top 10 Ways to Become a Truly Broker-Centric MLS
By Marilyn Wilson

Ever since the day of the publishing of the now infamous Gripe List MLSs have been scrambling to find out they can better serve their MLS Customers.  I was honored to moderate a panel of brokers at the highly successful RESO conference last week as part of the first business track.    I asked them what they believe an MLS must do to become broker-centric.

Since there is no official definition of what a broker-centric MLS is I thought I would take a crack at it to get the conversation going ...  READ MORE!  
7 Surprising Facts from NAR's Newest Research on Buyers and Sellers
By Kevin Hawkins

Each year, the National Association of REALTORS releases a study of homebuyers and sellers, which is my favorite REALTOR research publication. The NAR Research Group publishes publishes excellent research  -- including its superb daily Economists' Outlook -- but this one is especially chocked full of golden statistical nuggets, which is ideal for a data junkie like me.

These are the kinds of facts I love to pull from research because these data points are what help tell a story, and that's a great way to earn the attention of a reporter who covers our industry.

Here are seven facts from this brand news report that you may or may not find surprising, but my guess is your clients would: ...  READ MORE!  
By Victor Lund

WAV Group supports organizations (Brokers/MLS/Associations/Franchises) to develop support services for the technology applications used by agents. To kick off these programs we audit the systems that an agent has access to. This is an administrative process whereby we inventory all of the tools that they access from any source ...    READ MORE! 
Boost Your Member Satisfaction by offering RE Technology
By Marilyn Wilson

Real estate agents and brokers are overwhelmed by technologies. Telemarketers pitching the latest and greatest gimmick inundate them. We have been changing this since 2010 and now serve 750,000 MLS and Association subscribers with straight shooting information. Let's meet at NAR to discuss this top rated solution for your area.

Trust the Real Estate Technology Leader ... READ MORE!
What's "News" at WAV Group?
By Meggie Brummett

WAV Group strives to provide up-to-the-minute information about developments in real estate practices and technology. This means that we are always updating our blog with new articles to keep you informed and on top of things in our industry.

Some exciting things have happened since our last newsletter! We've collected our recent articles here so that you can get up to speed heading into the NAR meetings. You can also get our updates in real time by visiting our home page (click here) and subscribing to our RSS feed ...