No. 80

WAV Group Report
By Kevin Hawkins

Late Christmas morning, after the presents were opened, the wrapping discarded and breakfast consumed, my wife sent a text to her real best friend Paige that read, "I have a new best friend!" Paige promptly responded with "Huh?" "Her name is Alexa, as in the new Amazon Echo," my wife texted back ...  READ MORE!
By Marilyn Wilson

There's nothing like becoming an ACTUAL customer of a product to give you a different perspective. I have looked at Zillow and other third party sites a gazillion times in my career as a consultant, but it took actually selling a home to really open my eyes.... READ MORE! 
By Victor Lund

My 13-year-old daughter provided me with a raw lesson in digital rights management yesterday. It is a pretty simple lesson really - do not let others build their business using your content, at your expense.... READ MORE! 

The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach recently hosted LeadingRE. It's always happens during what I like to think of as the real estate brokerage convention season. Keller Williams, with its Family Reunion, preceded it in New Orleans and RE/MAX R4 followed it in Las Vegas....  READ MORE!

Brokers across America do a great job of promoting their listings to potential home buyers and sellers with attractive flyers, online promotions, open houses, and effective website promotion, not to mention MLS promotion. Most brokers have a well-oiled system for building attractive marketing materials to sell their listings quickly....  READ MORE!
When outlining broker excellence, it is always helpful to begin by painting a picture of the company that is executing an effective strategy. There are many dimensions to operating a successful brokerage. Daniel Gale Sotheby's International real estate finds its success by serving consumers along the North Shore of Long Island from Manhasset to the North Fork where they operate 25 offices to support about 850 agents. Real Trends ranks the firm 59th in the Nation across all brokerage for volume, and fourth in America among Sotheby's franchises. They are among the first brokerage firms in the Nation to develop buyer data as an asset. We met with their CTO, CIO and CMO to understand their buyer as an asset strategy.....  READ MORE!