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Newsletter #130
165 weeks down, 57 weeks to go until Election Day!
You can help prove that our plan to win in 2020 election will work, but it has to be by October 29
WAVE (We All Vote Everytime) utilizes relationship organizing to get potential voters who share our values to become absentee ballot voters. Students, the working poor and other groups have been shown to be much more likely to vote if they are an absentee ballot voter. We need your help to reach 750 such people in time for them to vote in the November election so we can show that these people were more likely to vote than a control group. When this trial is successful we can attract the funding and volunteer help to deploy the WAVE system and approach throughout Michigan.

WAVE is premised on the observation that people respond better to those they know compared to those they don’t. So far, WAVE recruiters have sent 1,532 emails to people they know using the WAVE system and 232 of those have clicked to get the form to be on the permanent absentee ballot request list. 

WAVE is holding house parties in Ann Arbor where you can learn more about how easy it is for you to make a critical difference in upcoming elections by sending emails, text messages and conventional mail to people you know who will be happy to get them. The parties are being held on:

  • Friday, October 4. 7 pm
  • Monday, October 7. 7 pm
  • Thursday, October 17. 7 pm 
  • Sunday, October 20. 6 pm
  • Tuesday, October 29. 6 pm

Get more information including the addresses of the parties and to Register Here .
Thursday, October 3. WeROC October Meeting of the Whole
Come find a role that fits your life and passions as our Reset Committee, chaired by Pastor Victoria James, proposes strategic steps to ramp up WeROC's proven ability to play our unique role in Washtenaw -- taking thoughtful action together to build relationships and shift the power dynamics of the County more toward those among us who feel the hurt the strongest and thus can lead us most effectively.   
Their affiliated organization MOSES is sponsoring the major Water Equity Summit in Detroit this weekend.  If you'd like to join the WeROC delegates for all or part of the event, let them know. More info:   

"When it comes to water contamination and absurd water bills, Flint is not the only city facing this burden. All across the country experts are convening in Detroit to discuss these issues with the public and businesses in the community."

Contact Tad Wysor, Volunteer WeROC Organizer (734-883-3225) with questions. Enter on Jones St and park in back next to the park. First Congregational UCC, 111 S Wallace Blvd, Ypsilanti .  Light Dinner Provided. 5:30-7:30
Poor People’s Campaign Washtenaw County Weekly Coffee & Catch Up
  • Friday, October 4
Find more information about the Poor People’s Campaign for Moral Revival here . B-24's Espresso Bar Eats and Entertainment 217 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti . 2:30–4 pm
Saturday, October 5. WCDP Membership Meeting
Guest speakers:
  • David Arsen, Professor of Education Policy, Michigan State University
  • Jamilla Martin, Director of Operations, 482 Forward
  • Fred Klein, President, Ann Arbor Education Association
  • State Representative Donna Lasinski
Please bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food bank.
The monthly General Membership meeting of the Washtenaw County Democratic Party. Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center, 48105, 4135 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor. Social hour 9:30 am, programming 10 am
Sunday, October 6. Voters Not Politicians statewide volunteer call
It’s an opportunity to get caught up on what Voters Not Politicians is working on, including a question and answer session after the update. RSVP here , then mark your calendar for at 7 pm and call (319) 527-2441 to listen in. If you ever miss a call or a resource referenced on the call, you can access that information on this page of their website. VNP is committed to building a list of 10,000 Michiganders who are interested in serving on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC), with an emphasis on historically underrepresented communities.

More information is available here . Wyandotte Boat Club, 1 Pine St, Wyandotte . 7 pm
Monday, October 7. Disabilities Town Hall
Taylor Community Library, 12303 Pardee Road, Taylor . 6 pm
Call with MI Resistance
This week they urge MI GOP in Congress to Support the Impeachment Inquiry. The Michigan Democratic members of congress are now united in their support of a formal impeachment inquiry. It's time for their GOP colleagues to step up and do the same. Let's call our MI GOP members of congress and tell them to do the right thing for the country.
Jack Bergman (202) 225-4735
Bill Huizenga (202) 225-4401
John Moolenaar (202) 225-3561
Fred Upton (202) 225-3761
Tim Walberg (202) 225-6276
Paul Mitchell (202) 225-2106
Monday, October 9. Reclam Our American Democracy Monthly meeting (R.O.A.D.)
All are welcome. Enter from the rear door on the East side of the building, Pittsfield Township Hall, 6201 W Michigan Ave, Ann Arbor . 7 pm
Thursday, October 10. Ypsi2DC: Art Show and Fundraiser for Ypsi Community Schools Artists
The Washtenaw County Democratic Party is hosting a reception/fundraiser to help send 66 Ypsilanti Community Schools (YCS) student artists to D.C. to exhibit their work at the U.S. Department of Education. This exceptional honor will be a once in a lifetime experience. Please come out to the reception to meet the young artists and see their work. Admission is free. Snacks and drinks served. Donations at the door are much appreciated. 418 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti . 5–9 pm
Thursday, October 10. ICPJ Racial and Economic Justice Caucus Meeting  
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, 1414 Hill St, Ann Arbor . 12–2 pm
Friday, October 11. Black Women in Michigan Politics
This luncheon will feature a panelist who embody the leadership necessary to keep moving Michigan forward. Attendees will gain an understanding and appreciation that Black Women in Michigan Politics is about celebrating one another, and learning ways to collectively support our efforts to have strong and succinct positions at every level governance. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased here . Washtenaw Community College, 4800 E Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor . 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Monday, October 14. Coffee Hour
With State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown). Olympic Coney Island, 23748 West Road, Brownstown Charter Twp . 7 pm
Tuesday, October 15. Webinar: "Our road to racial equity and dismantling white privilege"
In this webinar, you'll hear about the Michigan League for Public Policy's ongoing racial equity journey and receive information on its 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge. The Challenge is designed to help build habits that will empower users to be part of dismantling white privilege. To register for the webinar, visit this link .
Sunday, November 10. Learn to have respectful conversations about politics
There's a lot of stress these days among family members and friends who are divided politically, and the current polarized public conversation doesn't help. Better Angels is inviting anyone interested in having better conversations with people on the other side of the political aisle to a Skills Workshop to learn skills for having respectful conversations that clarify differences, search for common ground, and affirm the importance of the relationship. Contact Sandra Xenakis: with your questions. St Paul United Church of Christ, 122 West Michigan Avenue, Saline . 1–4 pm, please arrive a few minutes early to get settled. 
Things to do
Check out the City of Ann Arbor Elections Update for November 5 election
The Ann Arbor Elections website includes voting information for residents of the city, and has just been updated to include information about the upcoming November 5 Special Election for the Ann Arbor Public Schools, as well as information regarding the 2020 City Council candidate filing deadlines. Do you want to vote from home?? Sign up here to be added to the city’s permanent absent voter application list. If you want to receive the email updates, subscribe here .  
Support the whistleblower who is currently in prison!
Last summer, a 26-year old former Air Force veteran and security contractor, Reality Winner, was imprisoned for 63 months after she pleaded guilty to one felony count of unauthorized transmission of national defense information . According to the NY Times , she gave a classified report about Russian interference in the 2016 election to a news outlet.
  In other words, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, she “blew the whistle.” In sending her evidence to the news media, Winner took down a cover-up of information that the Russians had, in fact, been aggressive — and successful — in targeting voting systems. Indeed, one major electronic voting-records vendor, later identified as VR Systems, had been hacked into, and Russians then used that information to target voting officials in the critical swing state of Florida with "spear-phishing" emails aimed at compromising their computer networks.
  Recently, Reality’s mother asked for postcards of support to keep her spirits up.  Let’s send postcards to encourage and support whistleblower Reality Winner, who sacrificed her freedom to get the story of Russia’s interference in our elections.  Reality Winner, #22056-021, Carswell Federal Medical Center, P.O. Box 27317, Fort Worth, Texas 76127. 
Object to the thwarting of the work of the Federal Election Commission
Created in 1974, the Federal Election Commissio n (FEC) is independent regulatory agency whose purpose is to enforce campaign finance law in United States federal elections. It requires 4 of 6 votes to enforce the law, but the commission has been allowed to dwindle to 3 members ( NY Times ). To further thwart the work of the FEC, according to Axios , last week the chair of the commission was blocked by a Republican commissioner from issuing a memo about prohibited electoral activity, particularly donations, by foreign nationals . Since the memo is actually public information, the chairwoman, Ellen Weintraub, took the unprecedented step of releasing the memo via a tweet storm last Friday night! Contact your Senators asking them to revive this commission and to speak out against the censorship of this document.  
Things to listen to, read, and watch
General Motors reinstating health care for striking workers
General Motors announced Thursday, on day 11 of the UAW strike, that it's reinstating healthcare for its striking workers. 
One of the main sticking points in the UAW-GM negotiations is health care. GM is looking to cut its costs, but workers argued they shouldn't have to pay more because the company is making billions in profits. Union workers pay about 4% of their health care costs, but employees of large companies in the U.S. pay an average of 34%, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Read More
Why should I WAVE?
WAVE: Progress Report on Technology to Increase the Absentee Vote
WAVE (We All Vote Everytime) is a promising new approach to increase the number of voters on the permanent absentee voter list. It is premised on the observation that people respond better to those they know compared to those they don’t. So far WAVE recruiters have sent 1,532 emails to people they know using the WAVE system and 232 of those have clicked to get the form to be on the permanent absentee ballot request list. If you or another organization you are affiliated with would like to learn more about the WAVE initative give us a WAVE at or check out .
SHOUT it out!
Do you know the names and contact information of your elected representatives? According to a public opinion poll from Haven Insights , only 37% of Americans can name them, with even fewer knowing how to contact them. A recent computer science graduate of the University of Michigan expressed his frustration in contacting his local election officials by creating an app called SHOUT . The straightforward app is now available for iOS and it will soon be released for soon. You can locate the email, phone, Facebook and Twitter info of your public officals and send a message directly from the app. It’s easy. Shout it out!
College student voting rate doubled in 2018!
Axios reports that, according to a recent study of 10 million college students on 1,000 campuses, the voting rates of college students doubled in the 2018 midterm election as compared to 2014. In 2017, the rate was 31.9%, roughly 20 percentage points higher than in 2014.

Locally, according to information from the League of Women Voters, in Washtenaw County in the 2014 election, 2898 individuals aged 18-21 voted. That number increased to 10,640 in 2018, i.e., an increase of 7,742 votes. Also, 21% of registered young voters voted in 2014, compared to 60% in 2018. Also, in 2014 these young voters made up 2% of the total vote, while in 2018 they were 6% of all voters.
The LWVAAA has a program in place to visit almost every school in Washtenaw County to register students who qualify. In February or March, they will likely be looking for volunteers to help students at WCC register. Stay tuned for more information!
Automatic Voter Registration Launched on September 9
It's Official! Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced on Tuesday that automatic voter registration for driver’s license and personal ID transactions officially launched in Michigan on September 9, 2019. The Department of State will be adding automatic voter registration for mail-based transactions in the coming months. Automatic voter registration requires Secretary of State branch office staff to ensure that when Michigan citizens apply for or update their driver’s license or personal ID cards, they automatically are registered to vote unless they are ineligible or don’t want to be registered.
Online voter registration will be available following the November 2019 election. At that time, the online portal will be launched in which eligible citizens can register to vote at any time. - MLive
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