Forecasts may not always be accurate, but when freezing weather is predicted, we take note. There have been some interesting new weather catch phrases we've come to know in recent years: Atmospheric River, Bomb Cyclone, Polar Vortex... We had an Atmospheric River and a Bomb Cyclone in late December, resulting in record rainfall. With a Polar Vortex in the forcast for next week, winter weather is on it's way.

This December was colder than normal, with several snow and icing events. January was wet but warm. Now February looks like it will be a return to true winter weather. There will be rain going into the weekend followed by a significant drop in temperatures going in to next week. While it should be a dry cold, there is the potential for snow and icy conditions this weekend as temperatures drop but surfaces may still be wet. We are on high alert and preparing for snow and ice response this weekend, as well as at the end of next week when precipitation is predicted to return. We will continue to monitor and will inform clients of our plan Friday, so stay tuned!

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