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Purchase Upgrades - Upgrade your WBS Chart Pro, PERT Chart EXPERT, WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) and WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version) software and receive your licenses right away!

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New Customer Portal
Customer Portal
Purchasers of WBS Schedule Pro can now create an account* for access to the Customer Portal. With an account you can:
1. View Recent Orders.

2. Display the Purchase Codes from your orders.

3. See a list of Registered Users for each Purchase Code.

4. Store your order information to pre-fill future orders.
To create an account, select the Customer Portal link on our website or click Log in from the Critical Tools Store.  

*You do not need an account to purchase WBS Schedule Pro.
Fall 2017 Special - 20% Off New Licenses!

To celebrate our Store and Customer Portal we are offering a  

20% discount on any online purchases of WBS Schedule Pro made between now and the end November!


To receive your 20% discount visit our Store
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Offer valid through November 30, 2017

WBS Schedule Pro 5.1.0022
The latest version of WBS Schedule Pro is 5.1.0022. Go to File-About to see which version you have.

If you are using 5.1.xxxx but earlier than 5.1.0022, use the Check for Updates feature to automatically upgrade to the latest version.

If you have 5.0.xxxx you can download 5.1.0022 from our website. Going from 5.0 to 5.1 requires an Uninstall and Reinstall (don't worry, your data is safe).

This Minor update is FREE for all users of Version 5.x.

Tip #1: Gantt Chart & Task Sheet Extended Headers
Check out the new way to display your Gantt Charts and Task Sheets! 
Extended Headers For Gantt Charts & Task Sheets  
The Extended Header feature displays headers vertically in an added column. Like this:     
     Displaying Extended Headers   
This feature is available in both Gantt Charts and Task Sheets. In either, select the Format tab and then Small, Medium or Large from the Extended Headers drop down list. To remove the Extended Headers, select None from the list.   
Coloring the Extended Headers
To color the Headers, select the Format tab and then Text. Click the Fill tab and select Level from the "Based On" options. Define a color for each Summary Level:   

Extended Headers are only available in WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1.0021 or later  
If you are using version 5.x, don't have the Extended Header feature and want it, see the topic above for information on updating to the latest version for FREE!
Tip #2: Saving Views
Saving Views after Formatting

In all Charts, any time you make a change to a formatting option this information is automatically saved to the View you are currently working in. This means that any New project you create will automatically inherit the formatting options you changed.    
If you do not want to save changes made to the Views as you change formatting, use the option in File-Options-Files & Views that specifies the action to take "When closing a chart". Here is the form:
  The 3 options for what happens to Views when a chart is closed are:  
  1. Save all Changed Views - This will automatically save all changed views and all new projects you create will use these new Views. 
  2. Do not Save Changed Views - Discards all changes made to Views since the project was opened.  
  3. Prompt to save changed Views - Prompts you to save any changed Views and you can decide if you want to update the views or discard the changes made.
WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT users
If you are still using the old WBS Chart Pro or PERT Chart EXPERT software and haven't upgraded, we highly recommend doing so. The
WBS Schedule Pro software has so much to offer with combined
WBS, Network & Gantt Charts plus many new and exciting features.

Maybe this will help:

Get 25% off your online upgrade order by using Promo Code:

Microsoft Project 2016 Compatibility
WBS Schedule Pro and Project 2016 - Only WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1.0014 or later is fully compatible with Project 2016. See the Download page for information on updating.  

The old WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT software are not compatible with Project 2016. Yet another reason to upgrade!

If you are using latest version of WBS Schedule Pro and have issues integrating with Project 2016 (especially if you upgraded from Project 2013 to Project 2016), try this:
  1. Start Project 2016 and leave it running.
  2. Start WBS Schedule Pro.
  3. From the Home tab, select the MS Project drop down arrow and select Setup MS Project.
  4. Complete the steps as prompted.
  5. Close WBS Schedule Pro and close Project 2016. Restart each.
This should fix it. If not, see our FAQ page for additional suggestions.
WBS Schedule Pro Licensing Tips
Transferring a WBS Schedule Pro License
To transfer a WBS Schedule Pro license, start the registered WBS Schedule Pro software and select File-Unregister. This will put the license back so it can be registered again.
If the software is no longer available to unregister due to a re-format, hard drive crash or if you uninstalled the software without unregistering then let us know the user and we will reset the license here so you can register again. 
Note: Uninstalling WBS Schedule Pro does not Unregister the software.  
Video Tutorials
Check out the latest YouTube Videos  
Here are our most popular videos to help get you started:
  1. Overview of the WBS Schedule Pro Software (6:16) -  Great for new users or if you just want an overview of the features and capabilities of the WBS Schedule Pro software.
  2. How to Plan a Project in WBS Schedule Pro (6:03) - Basic planning techniques for quickly and easily creating projects in WBS Schedule Pro using a WBS Chart, Network Chart, Gantt Chart and Task Sheet.
  3. Using WBS Charts in WBS Schedule Pro (19:04) - A detailed description of the WBS Chart features.
  4. Using Network Charts in WBS Schedule Pro (8:47) - A detailed description of the Network Chart features.
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